Dasas (major periods) of planets and their effects

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Dasas Major Periods and their effects – Vedic Astrology Lessons

3. Now is described the method of finding the remainder of the dasa of

planet at the time of birth. Find out the nakshatra in which the Moon is posited at

birth and for how many ghatikas it will remain after birth in that nakshatra.

Multiply those ghatikas by the total period of the dasa and divide it by 60. The

quotient will represent the period in years still to elapse. Any remainder remaining

may be converted into months by multiplying by 30 and dividing by 60 and so on.

Notes — This is clarified below by an example. Suppose at the time of birth

20 ghatikas were still to elapse in Punarvasu nakshatra. Birth in Punarvasu means

that the dasa in operation would be of Jupiter. How much of Jupiter remains at the

time of birth.

20*16/60 = 16/3 = 5 years 4 months.

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