Dasas (major periods) of planets and their effects

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23. The general effects during the dasa of Saturn will be acquistion of wealth

consequent of the war or disturbances of the country, acquisition of servants and

old women, cattle like buffaloes, and bulls, trouble to wife and children, suffering

from windy diseases like rheumatism, gout etc., phlegmatic diseases, piles and

burning in hand and feet.

24. During the dasa of Mercury the native will get the benefit of learning

from preceptors or will himself become a very learned and influential preceptor.

There will be gain of agricultural lands, cows and horses and money from

Brahmins. He will get into association with persons of high status. He will worship

gods and acquire immense wealth. He will suffer from wind, heat and phlegm.

25. During the dasa of Ketu the native will suffer from sorrow and confusion

caused by females, trouble from the rich and loss of wealth. He will do injustice to

others. He will be banished from his country (native place). He will suffer from

dental trouble, pain in the legs and phlegmatic troubles.

Notes – Please see our comments under verse 21 about the effects of the dasa

of Rahu.

26. Acquisition of wife, jewels, cloths, lustrous gems, concealed treasure,

wealth, ornaments, horses, conch, etc., gain of money from trade, agricultrual

pursutis, export and import of goods, separation from elders (like parents), loss of

peace of mind and distress to kinsmen, will be the general effects experienced

during the dasa of Venus.

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