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Raja Yogas in Super Start Rajinikanth Horoscope
horoscope of a very famous, highly successful cine actor RAJANIKANT. He rose to lofty peaks of glory, and is adored by millions of cine-fans, from the most ordinary level of a bus-conductor. I attribute his phenomenal success and rise mainly due to strong Raja- yogams in his natal chart.
[Image: rajini_lagna-kundali2.jpg]

Sun is the lord of birth lagnam; so he is atma-kataka; Sun is in Kendra (4th house); Sri Naryana-sthanam. Saturn is in 2nd house, dhana-stanaam.So Sun and Saturn have bestowed him success, power and glory.Venus is the lord of 10th house(Karma-stanam= profession); she is in 5th house with Mercury (benefic)
(konam; Sri Maha Lakshmi stanam); so he reached peaks of glory as film -actor; and earned billions of riches. 
Mars is exalted in 6th house; this is Ruchaka (Mahapurush)yogam; this enabled him to become a leader, enterprising, bold and of dashing nature; also billions of worth of lands and properties. Ketu in 2nd house made him spiritually oriented and this prompted him to produce and act in films like BABA. Chandra-

MangalaYoga (Mars & Moon are conjuct) bestows him worldly wisdom and material success. Venus and Mercury aspect (see) the labham (11th house); also Jupiter’s aspect (5th drushti) on labham enhance his gains by thousands of times. Mercury is lord of labham and dhana stanams and is in 5th house bestows him success & makes him a multi-billionaire (carore-pathi).

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