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Different Planetary Combinations for Engineering Profession
Saturn posited in ascendant in Mars sign [Aries or Scorpio] aspect the 10th house,gives engineering profession
Mars posited in ascendant in Saturn sign [Capricorn or Aquarius] denotes engineering profession
5th/10th house/lord influenced by Saturn/Mars
3rd lord combines with Mars, and aspect by Saturn
Saturn is 9th lord and Mars is 11th lord related to each other
Saturn and Mars exchange each other sign, combine, or aspect each other
Sun and Moon in ascendant and Saturn and Mars in 10th house
In Aries ascendant Saturn in 4th house and Mars in 10th house
Saturn and Mars in Leo ascendant, and Jupiter in 4th hose
3rd lord and 7th lord combine in Virgo ascendant, aspect by Saturn and Mars.

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