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10th House ( Karma Bhava ) in Vedic Astrology Lessons

The 10th house – House of Action/ Social Status/Fame /Authority/Career/ Honors

The very general understanding about this house is that it deals with your Job and your capacity to earn, I would say “NO”, Job as a mere service and vocation are handled by 6th house and income is handled by 2nd, 9th and 11th house, 6th house gives us the basic opportunity to work or gain some job and earn like most people do, and most of them remain in that status for most of their lives, because most of them have an empty 10th house, or a weak 10th house, with one Grah /planet which might also be very weak or ordinary in its disposition, so what makes this 10th house so special, this house/house is house of action, it tells us how a native would act in the society, how his actions are reflected by the society, what kind of reputation he/she will carry with respect to the society, and what kind of fame /honors /awards those actions would bring to the native, and how strong is the natives Self respect, meaning how much value the native gives to Self respect, it has nothing to do with how robust he/she looks, Mars, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Saturn, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu all have some or other beneficial effect in this house.

Mars, Sun, Jupiter and Mercury are the main planets which get undue respect and importance or role to play in the native life, it is like loading an ordinary car with all kinds of paraphernalia, and once loaded it needs a strong character to drive it, it is something like that, Profession and career are at the base level, role in public office and nation as a society stands at the top level of this house, meaning a President of a Nation might not have any Grah/Planet in this house, because for such a President the presidency is just a Job to earn some money and not to use that opportunity to pool all actions towards a constructive nation building. Another President with loaded 10th house might do something so considerable and positive or negative also, depending on the auspiciousness of this house.

Few examples:

Nelson Mandela, Indira Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth II of UK, Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, G Bush (Jr) have no Grah/Planets in 10th.
Roosevelt, Diana Spencer, Martha Stewart had Sun and Venus in 10th, John MacCain has Sun and Venus in 10th.
G Bush (Sr) had Sun in 10th.
Nixon had Saturn in 10th.
Al Gore, Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Carter had Rahu in 10th, Rudy Giuliani has Rahu in 10th,Prince Charles has Moon and Rahu in 10th.

Mahatma Gandhi had Rahu and Moon in the 10th and Ma, Ve and Me in the Asc.

Bill gates has Moon in 10th and Sun, Saturn and Venus in 5th, Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis had Moon in 10th.

Barack Obama has Sun and Mercury in the 10th, Man Mohan Singh PM of India has Sun and Mercury in 10th.

Mitt Romney has Sun, Mars and Mercury in 10th, John Edwards has Venus in his 10th.

Fidel Castro had no Grah/planet in 10th, Vladimir Putin has Ketu in 10th,

Adolph Hitler had Saturn in 10th, but he had Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury in 7th, Benito Mussolini had Sun and Mercury in 10th, Saddam Hussein had Mercury in 10th, Usama Bin Laden has nothing in his 10th,

Albert Einstein had, Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in 10th, B.V. Raman had Jupiter in 10th, Deepak Chopra has Venus and Ketu in 10th and Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Sun in 9th, Leonardo de vinci had no Grah/Planets in his 10th,

Ammachi, she has Ketu in 10th, Ramana Maharishi has Ketu and Moon in 10th, Putaparthi Sai Baba has no Grah in 10th but he has Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in Ascendant, Swami Jayendra Saraswati has Jupiter and Mars in 10th, Swami Ramakrishna Paramhamsa has Ketu in 10th and Moon, Sun and Mercury in Ascendant, Swami Sivananda Maharaj has Moon in 10th and Saturn, Mars, and Rahu in Ascendant, Swami Vivekananda had Moon and Saturn in 10th, Swami Chandrashekar Saraswati has Mercury, Sun and Jupiter in 10th.

Example, of a social contribution which can be used for negative purpose as well as positive purpose is of Albert Einstein, he had, Venus ( Exalted), Saturn, Mercury (Debilitated) and Sun in this house, Rahu and Mars in 8th house (Debilitated), Ketu in 2nd and Jupiter in the Dharma house (9th house) and Moon in 6th, Lagna (Ascendant) Gemini, and we know what he did to us, (E= MC(Square)) a simple formula changed the whole world and still we are dealing with it, well again this has been used for positive as well as negative purposes, but his intention would have always to remain positive only, but the circumstance in those day were such that his gift to the world was used for a negative purpose.
The 10th house from Ascendant gives the real active mentality of the native with respect to his actions towards others, it has nothing to do with what world thinks about him, to see what world thinks about him, we have to see the 10th house from Arudha Lagna (AL), so for Albert Einstein, it is Gemini with Ascendant, the world perceived him as a ordinary, but very intelligent peer, but nothing very special, I am talking about the time when he was not “The Albert Einstein”, because the loaded 10th from AL would confer the properties with or without any achievement, but in reality Albert Einstein was a Sensual individual, must have been a kind of ladies man and mostly he would have been liked by most of the opposite sex, given the exalted Venus in 10th (Pisces), very hard working, and might have worked very hard for what ever he achieved – Saturn in 10th, and Sun in 10th might have given him the radiance of the Sun and a great desire to withhold the public power, and a debilitated mercury, would have worked through his revenues by keeping him low on income and might have given him an ability to gamble. but above all the exchange between lord of 9th, Saturn and lord of 10th Jupiter, confer a kind of Raj yoga, and we all know what it is.

The overall properties extended for the 10th house effects are seen from

a) 10th house from the Ascendant,
b) 10th house from Chandra (Moon),
c) Surya (Sun) in 10th from Moon and in Navamsa,
d) 10th from 10th, which will be 8th from Ascendant,
e) Dashamsa (D-10), Divisional chart.
f) 10th house in Dashamsa (D-10)
g) Chandra ( Moon) in Dashamsa (D-10)
h) Lord of 10th house and its position from Chandra (Moon) i) Lord of 10th house ( Rasi chart) in Dashamsa (D-10)

The 10th house, should also be seen from Ascendant, Arudha Lagna, Moon, Hora Lagna, Sree Lagna and Ghati Lagna.

Karma-Sthana- 10th house/House from Ascendant.

Status, Pride,Social Rights, Responsibility, Independent views, help from Government, politicians,m Officers, Power, Executive abilities- Significator – Surya (Sun)
Fame, Ability to deal with women and children—Significator- Chandra (Moon)
Executive Abilities, proactive———————Significator- Mangala (Mars)
Professions & Careers, excellence in education, marketing, public relations, sales, communications, intuition, intelligence———–Significator- Budh (Mercury)
Prosperity, Growth, Fame, Respect,Teacher, special ability in dealing with educational systems and culture——————————Significator- Guru (Jupiter)
Entertainment, beauty, pleasures, special ability in dealing with women, attraction and fashion——————————————-Significator- Sukra (Venus)
Works, Actions, Karma, special ability to deal with fear and famine, hard working unionist——————————————Significator-Sani (Saturn)
Pilgrimages, Imports, desire for power———-Significator-Rahu
Exports, aloofness from public ——————Significator-Ketu

10th house represents the Mid -Heaven, 2nd in importance only to the Ascendant, low ashtakavarga “bindu”, in this house can weaken the house considerably, bhavas whose lords posited in the 10th house gain considerable strength and the activities ruled by them succeed, any grah/planet in 10th house is independently capable of giving good yoga, that could mean, power, rise, and success, Surya (Sun) and Mangala (Mars) that get directional strength in the 10th house can be a great blessings in any chart providing dynamism and success, 7th house being the pada of the 10th house, should also be studied, as the 7th house rules business, promotes business, and strong 7th house gives an entitlement for independent business.

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