12 Sign – Their Symbols and They tell us

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The animal of this rashi is the Ram or sheep. If we deeply observe the characteristicsof sheep, we can have an overview of Aries people. When you observe a flock/herd of sheep, you can see at least two sheep fighting, so only they are known as troublemakers, fighters, aggressive etc.
The sheep doesn’t know what is fear, even if its poison, it will chew four leaves, so only the Aries people are also known as courageous and brave people.
The sheep generally climbs easily over a hill or a big tree easily but later it will think how to get down, hence the people born in mesha are like they act first and think later rather think first and act next. They take a hasty decision and later think about consequences.


The symbol or animal of this rashi is the bull. The bull is known for its hardworking. Hence this people are best known for their work, even if its hours together.
Also it’s easy to train the bull the easily the way we want. Hence it’s easy to get along with people born under Taurus and make them get along the way we wanted them.
The bull once its habituated to a particular work, it resists to change the course. Similarly people born in Taurus are the one who don’t like abrupt changes.


The symbol of Gemini is a boy and girl. It resembles a boy and girl standing together. Hence these people like to socialize more with everyone.
Usually whenever two people meet, they start the conservation. Similarly,it’s difficult for the Gemini people to be quiet and remain in solitude.
They are good ambassadors and they are good at making friends and love.



The crab is the symbol of cancer. Crab is the symbol of motherliness, because it always carries its young ones with it, wherever it goes.
Hence the cancer people are more emotional and show motherly care better than any other rashis towards their children.
Crabs are very sensitive and cautious; hence they always don’t believe anybody fully. However one can learn true affection only from cancer rashi people.

Leo Rasi

The identity of Leo is lion. Lions are described as the king of the jungle, hence people born in Leo naturally have leadership capabilities and want to be born leader and except everyone to respect them and some time over authoritative.
Usually lions take a long rest without thinking much.
Similarly people born in Leo also would like to take long rest and they don’t take unnecessary tensions into head and they communicate with people only if they find the necessity.
Lions don’t like others entering their territory and would enjoy isolation. Hence people born in Leo would like to stay alone and independent without much interference from others.

Virgo Rasi

A virgin female is the identity of Virgo. Younger females usually want to decorate themselves and wear good dresses and look good. So will be the people born in Virgo.
They always want to spend more time in recreation, entertainment, singing,music,sports, dance etc.

Libra Rasi

It indicates a weighing balance which indicates business. So people born in libra are good business acumen. They will do a complete check and do detailed study of profit and loss and then venture into anything including human relationships. They always tend to maintain neutrality.

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Scorpions Rasi

The identity is scorpion.
They are generally found in interior places and sting by hiding. Therefore, the Scorpio people are very secretive and they will not speak anything openly.
It will be very difficult to understand them. Two scorpions cannot leave together, even if they live there will be fights. Same is case with scorpions, they knowingly or unknowing pick up fights and enemity with others easily.
Some female scorpions are known to sacrifice their life while giving birth to their young ones.so scorpions are known for taking better care for their childrens then anyone. Especially if you have a friend from visaka 4 it will be the friend to hold on for life time.

Sagittarius Rasi

The identity is half human and half horse. People born in this rashi is always constantly trying to improve in their life and strive moving towards path of dharma.
Since it also indicates a Dhanus. They will tie their life to goal and keep moving in that direction,these people have a good amount of intuition. They will always fight for justice and stand for what is right.

Capricorn Rasi

The identity of Capricorn is crocodile. The crocodile sits in one place and waits constantly for its prey. Therefore, Capricorns will sit in one place and get its work done by other without much effort. Their aim is first their work should get done.
They will carefully observe everything that is happening around and pretend as if they are not aware of anything. They have a great deal of patience.

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Aquarius Rasi

The identity of Aquarius is pot.
A pot or vessel indicates savings. Therefore, with whomever the Aquarians get associated they will think the benefit of getting associated with them. To say the least, they will never get associated with anything or anyone if there is no profit.
Also pot is not completely visible. it may appear empty out but deep inside it can have money or scorpion sting. So it is difficult to judge Aquarians. What they appear to outside world may not be their reality.

Pisces Rasi

The identity of Pisces is two fishes. The fishes always want to keep themselves and their environment clean. Similar is the nature of Pisces people.
Fishes are always active in water. Similar is nature of Pisces people, they want to be ever happy, active.
Fishes usually go in groups; hence Pisces would like to be in groups rather being individual.

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