2019 Financial Crisis in India and Abroad

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Saturn is the planet of productions, Saturn is a planet of industries, Saturn is a planet of economy, Saturn is the planet of finance, Saturn is the planet of labors and workers.

Whenever Saturn is disturbed in transit all these above matters are affected badly.

Saturn in Libra

Saturn was Ok till he was in Libra in exalted Sign, but after his entry in Scorpio over the natal Ketu of Independance chart, Demonetisation was announced on 8 November 2016 and then GST introduced by Govt in July 2017. These 2 heavy blows or strokes disturbed the economy of India. This affected not only Industries but also all small traders too.

Saturn’s entry in Sagittarius

The strong effect was experienced after Saturn’s entry in Sagittarius (Mool Naxatra) in October 2017 when Saturn’s all positive influence blocked. Ketu is the main planet of sudden changes, blockage and termination.

After the entry of Ketu in Sagittarius from 7th March 2019, the money management skill of Saturn was totally blocked by Ketu and market position worsened.

Saturn Transit 2020

Effect Saturn direct in Sagittarius

The worry is that retrograde Saturn becomes direct on 18 September 2019. This will create its effect from 2nd October. Saturn is going to join Pluto at 27 degree in December 2019. Pluto is the planet of transformation and of big changes in running system.

The meeting between Saturn with Pluto in the presence of Ketu in 9th Sign of Zodiac is a red signal for the WORLD ECONOMY.

More strong steps from INDIA Govt also can not be ruled out. Small small factories, big Industries, Real estate and construction industry will also suffer.

The irony is that this year also on 8th November 2019 Sun and Saturn are at same 21 21 degree as was in 2016. Also on the date 6th August when 370 article was revoked in Parliament, Saturn was at 21 degree.

Will Modi ji announce something again on 8th November this year also ??? We don’t know, but some thing will sure occur around this time frame.

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