2022 Transit of JUPITER/RAHU/SATURN in April – Effects in India and Abroad

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Rahu has entered Aries on 12th April. Jupiter enters Pisces on 13th April. Saturn will enter Aquarius on 29th April.

These 3 transits will make Jupiter in sandwich position. Jupiter maybe strong in Pisces but will be hemmed between Rahu and Saturn. So his power to shower his blessings and to create peace and harmony in the world will be very much in limitations.

This weak situation of strong Jupiter will create some tensions in the world. Anyways my predictions about this situation of Jupiter are given here under:

  1. Gold price will reach to 70000 in 2022 in India. This means it will touch around 2650 US dollars.
  2. American economy and dollars will face problems in 2022.
  3. There will be bearish trends in the stock market. Speculators will face more problems than long term investors. Ruling Sign of INDIA – Vedic Astrology
  4. Jupiter will be in watery sign Pisces but since Jupiter himself will be between malefic planets
  5. water scarcity will be seen in the world. All liquids will be affected and prices of Milk, Edible Oil, Petrol Diesel and Coconut will be high and high.
  6. Rain in India will be less this year in comparison to every year’s rainy season. I never mean Famine but some scarcity sure.
  7. More hospitals and Medical colleges will be permitted to be opened in India during 2022.
  8. Education system will totally be changed due to Jupiter in Pisces and new Syllabus will be introduced. 2023 Saturn Transit to Aquarius – Major event prediction for India and World
  9. Spiritual development will be there in the world and more and more people will be attracted to yoga’s and meditation. Also there will be spiritual camps (शिबिर).
  10. Saturn in Aquarius will support Aircrafts companies. Jet Airways in India will also get financial support and will be in air this year.
  11. I don’t see immediate solution for Russia and Ukraine war in coming 3 months. Russia may attack other countries too in near future.
  12. I don’t see any war between India China or India Pakistan in 2022 so long Jupiter is in Pisces.
  13. Jupiter will be in the 11th house of the independence chart of India and Saturn will be in the 10th House of India. So India’s days are here again and India will be top in the world. India will be the role model and advisor to other countries in next two three years.
  14. Prices of wheat rice and lentils will be high and dearness will be on increased rate. Prices of fruits and vegetables will also increase. New Year 2023 Prediction for the country and the world?
  15. Some big Trusts and NGOs will be in trouble in this Jupiter .
  16. Banking system will also be affected. Interest on loans will be increased and interest on deposits will be decreased. Banking services will be costly.
  17. Aries has the connection with electricity and Rahu will be in Aries so use of electricity will be on higher side. More and more vehicles will be converted into electric power.
  18. Aries will be occupied by Rahu and aspected by Saturn. Jupiter will be very weak between these two planets. Small kids and children are under Jupiter influence. So eyes weakness will be increased in the kids and children. Vision will also be affected in Aries Rahu.
  19. Aquarius Saturn is good for construction business and big industries. Govt. may help these two sectors. This Saturn is also very good for farming and farmers will be benefited by Saturn.

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