2023 Saturn Transit to Aquarius – Major event prediction for India and World

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Saturn will enter Aquarius on 17th of January 2023 and will continue his stay till 29th March 2025.

Saturn is Atmakarak at 29 degrees from 7th to 16th January and Zero degree from 17th to 23 February 2023.

This 29 and Zero degree of Saturn is very much powerful. This degree will create a great effect of Saturn in the world and in the universe.

Kids born between 7th January to 23rd February will be too much matured, dedicated to their duties and research minded. They can be great scientists, great doctors, great economists and skilled engineers.

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Effect of Saturn Transit 2023

Now let us discuss the effects of this Aquarius Saturn on India and the world till 29 March 2025.

  1. This Saturn will take the resignation of Joe Bidden, the president of America in 2023.
  2. This Saturn is not good for Jinping, the President of people’s of China. By end of 2023 or very start of 2024 his power will be lost.
  3. Health of Sonia Gandhi will be affected badly by this Saturn in 2023 2024.
  4. India will sure occupy POk in Aquarius Saturn before March 2025.
  5. This Saturn will give clear victory to BJP in 2024 election but Saturn may affect the health of our prime minister in 2024 2025.
  6. This Saturn is not good for Pakistan. Taliban will disturb Pakistan badly.
  7. There will be chaos in North East part of India and especially in Bengal.
  8. There will be water related disasters on Indian seashores. This includes Tsunamis, Tornadoes, Heavy rainfalls and like in 2023 /24.
  9. Some cities near sea shores in Gujarat and also Mumbai Chennai are likely to be affected by seas in 2023/24.
  10. There will be energy crisis in the world. This may affect the prices of crude oil. Also there will be electrical crisis in some parts of India in 2023/24.
  11. There will be a big change in court system. Some fresh laws will be implemented by the Government.
  12. There will be good innovations in medical field during this transit of Saturn in 2023/24.

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This Saturn is not favourable for Cancer Lagna and Cancer Moon. The same way little bit hard for Aquarius Moon too. Best for Aries Virgo and Sagittarius Moon.

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