Amit Shah and Health Problems

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( Shri Amit Shah is admitted in hospital again. So this special post repeated)

Shri Amit Shah was born on 22nd October 1964 at 05.45 hours at Mumbai when Virgo was rising in the east.

Amit Shah Birth Chart Planetary Positions

Sun 5° Mercury 9° Libra in 2nd House
Ketu 2° Sagittarius in 4th House
Saturn 5° Aquarius in 6th House
Moon 16° Aries in 8th House
Jupiter 0° Taurus in 9th House
Rahu 2° Gemini in 10th House
Mars 28° Cancer in 11th House
Venus 25° Leo in 12th House

Today I don’t want to discuss anything about his political carrier or future prospects. We all know this very well. My concern is his health.

Golden Period for Carrier

Rahu is crossing his natal exalted Rahu in 10th. So 2019 2020 is his high peak golden period for carrier.

Amit Shah is running Rahu Moon period till 10 July 2020. Then after he will enter Rahu Mars period till 29 July 2021. Mars is debilitated and lord of 8th house so this period may create blood circulatory problems, breathing problems and also other health problems anytime after 10 July 2020.

Now Mars will enter Aries from 16 August 2020 and oppose his natal Sun till 4 October. From 17 August Sun will also enter in Leo in his 12th house in opposition to natal Saturn. These transits are not good. He must take care and have check up regularly till 4th October 2020 .

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Not Good Period for Health

To my view time from 15 August to 4 October 2020 is not good for his health and shows some tensions.

Astrological science is for precautions and warning. What is stored in the chart always happens.

I humbly request my all readers not to comment anything about this post. We must pray for his fast recovery.

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