2018 Yearly Horoscope Taurus Sign – Rishaba Rashi

Moon Sign based New Year Predictions for Taurus Sign (Rishaba Rasi) - Year 2018

Yearly Astrology 2018 Taurus

 At beginning of the year 2018, planet Saturn is in Sagittarius sign (8th house for Taurus sign) and Jupiter is placed in 6th house. 

The New Year 2018 will be a rather slow year for you. Your hard work will be rewarded after overcoming some form of obstacles for 2018 yearly horoscope for Taurus sign.

General Predictions 

This year 2018 see Lord North Star (Rahu) in your 3rd House, which is highly beneficial for you all year round. Also, Rahu presence in Cancer Rasi will bring you good turn of fortune all year round, and help will be obtained wherever asked.

Ashtama Sani (Saturn in 8th House)

As Lord Saturn who is a favorable planet to Taurus sign (Rishaba Rasi) is in 8th House , this brings in sluggish pace to your career, finance and business. As your cash inflow will also be slow, we advise you to not start any new venture this year.

Lord Saturn is expert at confusing our minds, making us take up ill-advised ventures. We will get stuck like the man who held the tiger’s tail. Hence do not take up any new projects or ventures this year. Jupiter Transit 2017 in Libra

Also, do not sell your property, take loans on it or put up collateral for your business this year. They will not go well. Do not indulge in risky investments with your savings. Except for this, the rest of your planets are favorable, and your fortunes will reflect that. So be careful in your work, finance and investments.

We reiterate this point: do not take loans on your house for your business dealings. You might have to lose your house. Do not sell your house to buy a new one. All these are unfavorable for you this year.


You will be sorely tempted to leave your existing job for a new job. We advise you to be very careful, as chances are you might end up jobless. Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 to 2019

So if you looking for a job change, be cautious; Resign from your existing job only after receiving the confirmation order from your new company. Sometimes, Lord Saturn will make your old job look glorious after you have joined the new company. Hence, it is better to be patient. Saturn transit 2017 nakshatra predictions

Those in their thirties will face many delays, hassles and hurdles that prevent them from settling in life. This may be due to poor career growth, lack of cash flow, loan issues and such. Only those with favourable planetary periods in their natal chart are exempt from this.

Lord Saturn in your 8th House is a good teacher. He will teach you about your profession, how not to do your work, how gullible you are, who are your well-wishers and fair-weather friends, cheaters – all these will be made clear. Hence this year will enrich you through your troubles and bad experiences. Saturn transit 2017 effects

At the same time, Lord Jupiter transits to a favourable position in the latter part of this year. Hence your cash flow will become good. So instead of looking at everything negatively, bitterly, you should utilize your chances with a positive attitude.

Those working in government and private concerns will have their work load increased. Problems will arise at your workplace. Those in jobs where there are chances of bribery have to be extra vigilant and avoid carelessness.

Those you are employed will get employers, managers who do not understand your or appreciate you. Employees in uniform like the police, forest guards and army will be transferred to stressful places, with complicated job descriptions.

People who work in the entertainment industry, communications, journalism, judiciary, daily wage workers, computer related workers, teachers will see the foundations laid for a better future during this year. Griha Pravesh Muhurat Dates 2018

Some of you will show interest in building temples. You might travel to holy places. 

When buying land, house or apartment do not take hasty decisions. Be patient even if the other side pressurizes you. Look very minutely into the property papers for any court cases, disputes, wrongful obtainment or just plain forgery. You might buy an innocent looking property and be embroiled in court cases in the future.


Businessmen will have to travel ceaselessly for obtaining their products. Do not trust anyone. Do not lend money to anyone unless you want to forget about your money. Though your business won’t go down, you will have to work hard for that. Keep an eye on your employees always.  Auspicious Vehicle Purchase Dates 2018

Those in risky business like stock market, speculation, loaners should be doubly careful. Dealings which show a promising return in the first will end up swallowing your whole money.

Youngsters will turn towards love. The planetary positions indicate stress and mental strain in your life; what better to give you strain than a love affair. Mostly, your love will run the course of disappointment and you will end up a sadder, but wiser person, with an understanding of the opposite sex. So, you better approach all this with a steady heart.


Students should focus only on your studies. There are chances for arrear this year. If you frequently cut classes, beware; your college may strike you off from their registers. Instead of spending your time and energy in entertainment, partying with your friends, you should turn all that good strength in you towards building a better future for yourself.

Some of you might go abroad for your studies or jobs. People of other religions will help you. Some might travel to Islamic countries for jobs. Your Christian friends or Islamic friends will help you as business partners. Similarly, if you are Islamic or Christian, your Hindu friends will help you out. Auspicious Property Purchase Dates 2018

You might acquire money through shady deals. Changes will occur in the profession of real estate, promoters and builders. You will have to face lots of expenditures and unnecessary losses. Try to save your income for your future. Auspicious Marriage dates 2018

As Lord Jupiter is in your 6th House, you will poke your nose into other’s affairs and entangle yourself in needless problems by supporting others. You will end up as the enemy in spite of your well-wishing interference. So keep your opinions and ideas to yourself.

Always never underestimate or disrespect others as they might be the ones who will pull you out of troublesome situations. Those struggling with loans might have to take up more loans to keep you afloat. But do not take risk with higher rate of interests.

You will be caught unawares in needless disputes. So you must not put up bail or sign as guarantee for others. Your name and respect for which you toiled for years will be spoiled in minutes, so be careful.

In all, this year will lay a solid foundation for your future.

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