Adani Stock market and Saturn transit 2023 to Aquarius Sign – Astrology Predictions

You all know that immediately after Saturn came into Aquarius America’s Hindenburg Research Report suddenly came out and the stock market suffered a loss of 4 lakh crore. Adaniji’s shares have fallen.

Why did this happen suddenly? Today we will discuss something about the horoscope of Shri Gautam Adani regarding this question.

Shri Gautam Adani was born on 24 June 1962 at 5:15 am in Ahmedabad. He is born in Taurus marriage. The horoscope is something like this. Who will win in US election?

Taurus wedding. There is a strong Mercury in marriage which is the planet of intelligence. Sun sitting in second place. Venus is sitting in the third place i.e. in the place of foreign relations and has formed an alliance with Rahu. With thanks Rahu always shows big dreams since childhood! Today if Adaniji has rocked the whole world, then the reason for that is Rahu’s wonder. ASTROLOGY FUTURE PREDICTIONS – 2022

In 2014, when Shani and Rahu were walking in the sixth place in their horoscope, Adaniji’s horoscope flew very high and after that they gradually moved forward among the richest people in the world. Their companies started touching the sky. The time of 2020 to 2022 was a pleasant journey.

Rahu is also the planet which made Adaniji a billionaire. Shani and Ketu in the destiny place. Shani is sitting here as the owner of Bhagasthan and is also having relations with Venus. Saturn also has a huge provision in whatever economic development has happened. But it’s not okay to have Ketu with Shani.

In the tenth place means in the place of work, Aquarius’s moon and Guru are there. Chandra and Guru both are sitting very strong and that is why their name and reputation increased among the richest people of the world. USA – Difficult Time Ahead

Time is very strong. On January 17, as Saturn stepped into his workplace and touched the moon, his place immediately fell down and like an earthquake across the country and in the stock market. Workplace is also a place of business and reputation. Effect of Jupiter Transit 2020 to Capricorn

(Those who have knowledge of astrology, let me tell them that Saturn of Aquarius in Ashtak class gives only 0 points in their horoscope, which means it gives absolutely negative results. One of the worst phase of the half has started and Saturn is giving negative results here. )

We will discuss a little about what happens next. His horoscope is so powerful and he has a political background, so he might not have much effect on him by being up and down, but time will definitely do its work.

Right now Rahu’s insight is underway in his Venuki Mahadasha and Gocharka Rahu is passing his 12th position by November 2023. This situation is not good. Mars will come up around March 13th then there may be a little tense time. From 25 April, Guru will also come in his 12th position and join Rahu. So time can be a little more fragile. Rahu Ketu Transit 2020 to 2022 – Libra Sign

I can’t tell what will happen next, but 2023 year is not good for them, I can definitely see. According to the astrology, if I wanted to analysis his horoscope a little, then I have discussed it!

Here’s one thing I’d say that Aquarius Saturn is not so good for the stock market for 2 years, especially for fasting. Saturn always takes down to earth. Only those companies which are strong and doing good work will remain strong and the price of shares will increase.

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