Guru Pushya in Astrology

Guru Pushya Yoga

When pushya nakshtara falls on a Thursday, Guru Pushya Yoga, an auspicious time is formed. This yoga is also called guru pushya amrit yoga.

Guru Pushya yoga is considered very auspicious for the following events:

  • foundation stone laying of new building
  • learning mantra and tantra and acquisition of knowledge from father, grandfather, guru or a learned person
  • inauguration of new shop / office
  • purchase of gold and jewellery is very auspicious
  • purchase of a new vehicle
  • buying new house or shifting to new house
  • entering into big deals is considered fruitful

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Guru Pushya Yoga

Gurupushyamrut, or Guru Pushyamrit yoga, is the day when Pushya Nakshatra falls on a Thursday. In 2014, Gurupushyamrut yog is on November 13. Time is from sunrise to 10:10 PM.

Gurupushyamrut yog day is considered highly auspicious to pray to Goddess Lakshmi and seek her blessings. In Hindu astrological terms there is amrut or amrti yoga on the day and it is ideal to buy gold, make investments and start new businesses.

The day is also known as Guru Pushya Nakshatra. Usually, Gurupushyamrut yoga – the coinciding of Pushya Nakshatra and Thursday (Guruvar) – occurs twice or thrice a year. The day is preferred by individuals and Hindu families to invest in gold in North India.

Today the day is also widely used to make several types of purchases including land, property, silver, electronic items, vehicles etc.

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Gurupushya Yoga 2014 : Benifits of Guru Pushya yoga

Gurupushya Yoga :~ Highly Auspicious Murhat :16/1/2014 ” , starting 13.14pm Thursday .

*” importance & benifits of Guru Pushya yoga ” *

Pushya nakshatra is ruled by planet Saturn & d Divine force of Jupiter .

whn Thursday & Pushyanakhshta Astro.combines , its called Guru Pushya yoga.Pushya nakshatra has many advantages n qualities , “significanse of Pushya yoga cannot be dinied ”

  • whn every thing fails Guru pushya Nakshatra gets ur work “Accomplished

it is indeed best day to start below works :

*” New venture , opening shop , New Business ,

  • Buy or booking Gems Stones or wear Ur Fortune Gems ,
  • Buy Gold , Jewellary

  • joining new job,*

  • investment in sharemarket ,buy New Scripts .

  • Religious pooja & havan ,

  • starting new Mantra jaap , higher education from guru.

  • Bhoomi pujan , religious activities.

  • Abroad Travel.

Guru pushya yoga has Divine strenth , guarantee 99.99 % success in ur “Endeavor”.

** Guru Pushya Amrit yoga is extremely benificial for the partitionor of ‘ Spirutual & Religious ” activities .it is considered as a ” highly Auspicious” murhat for starting above stuffs.

  • any kind of religious jaap , pooja , havan , poojan under taken in this day gives great success , benifits & good fortune , took advantage of Best Yoga.

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