Jupiter in different houses vedic astrology

Jupiter in different houses vedic astrology

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This article explains about effect of planet Jupiter in various houses in vedic astrology.

Jupiter in 1st houses vedic astrology: If Jupiter be in Lagna at birth, the person concerned will be handsome and attractive, virtuous, longlived and fearless. He will be blessed with the grace of God.

Jupiter in different houses vedic astrology

Notes — It is said that if Jupiter is in Lagna, the native is blessed with the grace of God because from there he aspects the 5th, 7th and 9th house i.e. houses of children, wife and bhagya. Jupiter is the greatest natural benefic amongst all the planets and by his occupation of the 1st house, he makes the native healthy, happy,wealthy, fortunate and wise. 

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Jupiter in 2nd houses vedic astrologyShould Jupiter occupy the 2nd house at birth, the person concerned will be learned and wealthy, will possess a beautiful face and will be eloquent in speech.

Jupiter in 3rd houses vedic astrologyHe will enjoy food of high standard.If Jupiter be placed in the 3rd house, the person born will be sinful, wicked and miserly He will suffer humiliation but one of his brothers will attain a position of honour and will be renowned. 

Jupiter in 4th houses vedic astrologyWith Jupiter posited in the 4th, person will be happy and will live with mother, friends, sons and servants. He will have plenty of grains. 

Jupiter in 5th houses vedic astrologyShould Jupiter be in the 5th house, the native will suffer from distress from sons (children). He will be learned and a minister of the king. 

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Jupiter in 6th houses vedic astrology  – 6th house: If Jupiter occupies the 6th house at birth, the native will destroy his enemies but he will be lazy and will be humiliated. He will be clever and well versed in the recitation and utility of Mantras.

Jupiter in 7th houses vedic astrologyWhen Jupiter is posited in 7th house at birth, the native will be blessed with a decent wife and children. He will be handsome and more liberal than his father.

Jupiter in 8th houses vedic astrologyWith Jupiter in the 8th house at birth, the native will be poor and helpless and earns his livelihood through servants or menials. He will indulge in mean action, but will be longlived. 

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Jupiter in 9th houses vedic astrology :If Jupiter be in 9th house at birth, the native, will be wealthy and will be blessed with sons (children). He will be famous and will be eager to perform virtuous deeds and religious rites. He will become a minister of the king.

Jupiter in 10th houses vedic astrologyShould Jupiter be occupying the 10th house at birth, the native will be very wealthy and a favourite of the king. Be earns a high reputation and is virtuous.

Jupiter in 11th houses vedic astrologyJupiter in 11th house at birth makes the native wealthy, longlived and fearless. He gets few children; but enjoys the comforts of conveyances. 

Jupiter in 12th houses vedic astrologyWhen Jupiter occupies the 12th house, the native will earn animosity ol others, and will himself use abusive language. He will be childless , sinful,indolent and a person who serves others. 


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