Jupiter transit 2018 effect on Sagittarius sign in month wise

Complete monthly wise report of Jupiter transit 2018 to 2019 for Sagittarius Sign (Dhanu Rasi)

Jupiter transit 2018 to 2019 effect on Sagittarius sign

From the month of Ocotber’18 Jupiter will transit in 12th house of Sagittarians. During this period you may lose some good opportunities due to your laziness so you should try to avoid being act like lazy guys. Avoid junk foods. Try to drink pure water. Good tuning with spouse is expected but behaves with her like a true and loving man. So your emotions to her and make her feel that you care her or his. You will have good liquid cash this month which will fulfil your cash requirements. You may get bad news about your parents’ health. So take care of them. Career wise time is good you will get profit and promotion in your existing company if you are a business man you will also make profit from your business.

Jupiter Transit effect on Sagittarius sign in November 2018

In Novermebr’18 you will complain about eye problem and some tension among family members. You will face tough time in your workplace even your boss will not want to tolerate you. You may think about quitting from job or partnership but don’t. But this problem is just for this month. So bear all problems. Your friends will bring you out of all these dilemmas. Your siblings will give you full support and favour. Your parents will live happily with other family members without any health problem. You may have some bed feeling from your spouse she or he will not give you as much as support which you are expecting. You will spend good time with loved one. Take blessings of Lord Shiva. He will help you to come out all of your problems.   Jupiter Transit 2017 to 2018 on Libra

Jupiter Transit effect on Sagittarius sign in December 2018

You will be able to increase your savings during the month of December’18. But you should have to get out from your laziness. You will have good tuning with your wife and you both will spend some valuable time with each other. There would face some issues in your workplace but these problems will teach you new lesson so be ready for them. Your parents will face some health issues so take care of them. You may get some gains and liquid cash will increase. You may have to go out of station due to some official work. Your journey will be fruitful for your organization. If you are a businessman there are huge chances to make good amount of money from your business.  Auspicious Hindu Marriage dates 2018

Jupiter Transit effect on Sagittarius sign in January 2019

First month of New Year 2019 will bring humiliation and stress for you during first half. Emotionally you may stay away from friends and family. You will enhance your bank balance this month. You shouldn’t use rough language for any anyone and try to be calm. Things will change from second half of the month. You will spend romantic time with your spouse. Your marital harmony will be at top level and this is good time to invite someone special in your family. Your mom’s health would be worry some while father would enjoy good health. You will also get recognitions and appreciations in your work place.  You will get favour of your father, government, higher authority. Significance of Planets in vedic astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Sagittarius sign in February 2019

Month of February’19 is going to be very fabulous for you. Your relations with siblings will be as sweet as honey. Both of your will give unconditional support and favour to each others. Your parents health will be a little bit down but don’t worry it won’t go beyond control. Your spouse will be lucky for you this month. Intimacy between will increase day by day; you both are soul mate for each others. Your professional life will be good during this month; businessmen will see tremendous hike in sales volume and profit during this month and salaried will also enjoy this month in your work place. You should take blessings of Lord Ganesh and Lord Sun. Try to respect elders and make them please by your sweet voice.  Jupiter in different houses vedic astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Sagittarius sign in March 2019

March’19 is going to be a memorable month for you. Siblings will give you full support and favour and parents will enjoy a little bit nasty health during this month. Your father may suffer from skin or bones related problem while mom may suffer from poisonous bite of any insect. You will enjoy very memorable time with your spouse. This month your social contacts will increase and they be very beneficial for you in coming years. Yu know very well how manage things and you already have perfect plane for each and everything. Your professional life will be good and will get appreciations and recognitions in your work place. For businessmen this is going to be very fabulous they will use their analytical mind and take decisions for the profits of his business.  Auspicious House Warming Muhurat Dates 2018

Jupiter Transit effect on Sagittarius sign in April 2019

Jupiter will transit in Sagittarius for first week of April’19 then become retrograde and start coming back it will make native patience less and restless. Your expectations and energy will be at peak. You want everyone to be as active as you this time. NO one will fulfil your expectations and demands. Sibling will be good and will enjoy your company you will help them if they need any support from you. Parent’s health will very good and both of them will be of very supportive nature. Marital life will be very good during this month. Your body language will tell each and everything. You will get support and favour of government officials and authorities. This is very good time for you to start any new venture with partnership or sole. Effect of Debilitated Jupiter for Various Ascendent Lagna

Jupiter Transit effect on Sagittarius sign in May 2019

During the month of May’19 you should have to learn how to control on your emotions and angerness. You shouldn’t give quick reaction as it may hurt others and they may maintain distance with you. Your siblings and other well wishers will feel themselves very comfortable with you due to your attitude and behaviour. Parent’s health will be as good as previous month they may suffer from high blood pressure and sleeplessness. Your spouse will also not be very good for you during this month. Some conflicts of opinions and thoughts may arise between you; because of ego and arrogance no one wants to be flexible. You will find yourself very comfortable and unable to concentrate on your work. You may miss some good opportunity this month.   Birth Story of Rahu & Ketu

Jupiter Transit effect on Sagittarius sign in June 2019

Month of June’19 is also going to be another bad month for you. Soul, Body and mind all will not be compatible with each others during this month. You will have anger, anxiety and unknown fear. Your siblings will also not favour you and parents will suffer from sudden and acute stomach pain. Relationship with spouse will be at lowest level during this month in recent months. There is a big misunderstanding between you because of that faith between you couldn’t be flourished. Until unless you don’t have trust between you; you can’t live a happy life. Your partner may ditch you in business and in your work place you may also make fool. You should take blessings of Lord Shiva and Parwati both will help you to come out of this situations. SATURN TRANSIT 2017 ON EACH NAKSHATRAS

Jupiter Transit effect on Sagittarius sign in July 2019

During the month of July’19 you should stay away from junk and spicy food. Your problems will start reducing from this month. You may have some unexpected gain and profits during this month with the help of any female. If you have partnership with any female it will be very lucky for you. You will get benefitted with your female siblings. Parent’s health will be good. You may also meet with someone special who will become very close to your heart in few days. Both of you will enjoy good time with each other but this company will not last for long time; but it is going to be memorable moments with her or him. Your spouse’s will start changing from this month and tuning between you will start being good. Professional life will be satisfactory you will earn good amount of money and your business will give you good returns. Cancellation of Manglik or Kuja Dosha and Pariharas or Remedies

Jupiter Transit effect on Sagittarius sign in August 2019

You may get sudden injure or danger from water during the month of August’19. You will also miss some good opportunities and offers. You will not get proper support from your spouse; parent’s health will not create problems for you. But spouse will something hangs in uncertainty. She is always unpredictable; no one can judge her nature. You may purchase a new home if you were making planes from previous some months. Professional life will be good in term of money and reputation in the market. Salaried person will get new job if they are searching it. Planetary combinations for becoming a doctor

Jupiter Transit effect on Sagittarius sign in September 2019

You will feel much better during the month of September’19 than some previous months. Your problems will short out automatically. This month you may meet your old forgotten friend. Siblings won’t be fair with you and your parents will enjoy good health. Spouse will help you in all your problems she or he will stand with you in your adverse time. Her support will help you very much and it will work like a boon. This month your luck will with you; your professional life will be good and you will get some good opportunities this month. You may also get offer from someone to infuse money in your business. Salaried person will face a little bit tough time during this month. Yogas leading to Asceticism

Jupiter Transit effect on Sagittarius sign in October 2019

You will get support of your friends in October’19. Your parent’s health will not be very good during this month; you should spend some time with them they will feel much better. Relationship with your spouse will be good both of you will have very good time and will feel happy and joy with each others. You need to enhance this love and take it beyond the limit. Professionally you will be fine. But you have to manage thing wisely without being short tempered. Salaried person will still trying to recover from previous conditions. You should try to please Lord Vinshu; he will help you to run life smoothly on the track.

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