Ketu in different houses astrology

Ketu in different houses astrology  

Ketu in different houses astrology – 1st house : 28-33. When Ketu occupies the 1st house or the Lagna, the person born will be ungrateful, unhappy and tale bearer, will associate with unsociable elements, deformed in his body, fallen from position and outcaste.

Ketu in different houses astrology

 ” Ketu in different houses astrology “

Ketu in different houses astrology – 2nd house: With Ketu in the 2nd house at birth, the native will be bereft of learning and will have a harsh manner of speaking. He will have a sinister look and be dependent for food on others.

Ketu in different houses astrology – 3rd house: Should Ketu occupy the 3rd house at birth, the native will be longlived, powerful and renowned. He will live happily with his wife and will eat good food; but he will be deprived of a brother.

Ketu in different houses astrology – 4th house: With Ketu occupying the 4th house at birth, the native will live in another man’s house and will lose his lands, mother and happiness. He will be forced to leave his native land.

Ketu in different houses astrology – 5th house: Ketu in the 5th house at a person’s birth deprives the native of his children. He will be evil minded and will be oppressed by goblins (evil spirits).

Ketu in different houses astrology – 6th house: If Ketu occupies the 6th house at birth, the native will be magnanimous, full of best qualities, firm, renowned and will be vested with high authority. He will vanquish his enemies and will be successful in obtaining Ishta Siddhi.

Ketu in different houses astrology – 7th house: Ketu’s occupation of the 7th house at birth will make the native suffer humiliation. He will associate with fallen women and will be separated from his own wife. He will suffer from diseases of the bowels and may lose his potency.

Ketu in different houses astrology – 8th house: With Ketu occupying the 8th house at birth, the native will suffer from separation from his nears and dears. He will be quarrelsome and shortlived. He will get injury from some weapon and will be unsuccessful in all his ventures.

Ketu in different houses astrology – 9th house: Ketu In the 9th house at birth, makes the native indulge in sinful and unrighteous actions. He will be deprived of his father, will be unfortunate, poverty stricken and will defame others.

Ketu in different houses astrology – 10th house: If Ketu occupies the 10th house at a person’s birth, he will face obstacles in performing good acts. He will be impure and indulge in wicked actions. He will be very bold and famous for his valor.

Ketu in different houses astrology – 11th house: If Ketu should occupy the 11th house, the person born will accumulate wealth and will be equipped with good qualities. He will enjoy himself and all items of luxuries and comforts will be available to him. He will achieve success in all his undertakings.

Ketu in different houses astrology – 12th house:  When Ketu occupies the 12th house at birth, the native will commit sinful acts secretly. He will squander away all his money for undesirable purposes. He will destroy his wealth and take to forbidden conduct. He will suffer from diseases of the eyes.

34. The effects produced by a planet of the house, will be realized in full
when he has traversed the number of degrees from the commencement of the Rashi
equal to that traversed by the Lagna point in the Lagna Rashi.

It is the view of the authorities that Rahu is similar to Saturn and Ketu is
similar to Mars in giving effects (Shani-vat Rahu, Kuja-vat Ketu).

Notes—For example (1) if the Lagna point (Lagna Bhava-Madhya) is 1
degree and the longitude of the Saturn posited in the 5th house is also 1 degree,
Saturn will give the full effect of the 5th house.

(2) If the Lagna point is 29 degrees and Saturn’s longitude in the 5th house is
1 degree, Saturn will produce very little effect of the same house.

35. This verse is Intended to further explain the principle laid down in verse
34. Find out how far away is the planet in the house whose effects are to be
assessed, from the Bhavamadhya of that house. The more it is nearer to the Bhava-
Madhya, the lesser will be the effects produced.

Notes — Described above are the general effects of planets in different
houses. These effects get modified by several factors such as the houses they own,
aspects on them, conjunction of other planets with them, the signs in which they
are posited, the position of their disposition etc.

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