Mercury in different houses vedic astrology

Mercury in different houses Vedic astrology

This article explains the effect of planet Mercury in various houses in Vedic astrology.

Mercury in different houses Vedic astrology

Mercury in 1st houses Vedic astrology: 

When Mercury be positioned in the 1st house or the Lagna, the native will be learned in all Shastras, will be soft spoken and long-lived.

Mercury in 2nd houses Vedic astrology: 

If Mercury happens to occupy the 2nd house at birth the person earns his livelihood by his
intelligence. He will compose poems and will be cultured in his speech. He will get sweetish preparations to eat.

Mercury in 3rd houses Vedic astrology: 

If Mercury is in the 3rd house, the person born will be brave but will have a medium span of life. He will have good brothers and sisters, but he will suffer from fatigue and be dejected. Effect of Debilitated Venus in Different Houses

Mercury in 4th houses Vedic astrology: 

When Mercury occupies the 4th house, the person born will be learned and witty. He will be possessed of friends, wealth, and happiness.

Mercury in 5th houses Vedic astrology: 

When Mercury in the 5th, the native will be learned, happy and courageous.He will be blessed with children and will be well versed in Mantras.

Mercury in 6th houses Vedic astrology: 

When Mercury happens to occupy 6th house, the native will be indolent, harsh in speech and will be capable of overcoming his enemies. He will become adamant when people enter into arguments with him.

Mercury in 7th houses Vedic astrology: 

When Mercury occupying the 7th house makes the native learned, decently dressed. He will have all greatness and a wealthy woman as his wife.

Mercury in 8th houses Vedic astrology: 

When Mercury is in the 8th house at birth the person concerned will be widely renowned and longlived. He will be the supporter of his family, a lord and a commander of the army.

Mercury in 9th houses Vedic astrology: 

With the Mercury occupying the 9th house, the native will be learned, wealthy, religious minded and observer of virtuous conduct. He will be well versed in everything and will not be reserved in speaking.

Mercury in 10th houses Vedic astrology:

If Mercury is positioned in the 10th house at birth, the native will be learned, powerful, wise, happy, virtuous and will stick to his word. He will be successful from the very beginning in all his ventures.

Mercury in 11th houses Vedic astrology: 

When Mercury occupies the 11th house, the person will be longlived. He will keep his word and will be very wealthy and nappy. He will enjoy the comforts of servants.

Mercury in 12th houses Vedic astrology: 

Mercury in the 12th makes the native poor and helpless, indolent and cruel and without any education. He will also suffer from humiliation JUPITER.

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