New Year 2023 Prediction for the country and the world?

How will be the year 2023 for the country and the world?

The new year of 2023 has started. Whose total is 2+0+2+3 means 7. We have seen the year of 2020. His total used to be 4. The lord of 4 is Rahu while the lord of 7 is Ketu. This entire year 2023 will be under the influence of Ketu. Dasas (major periods) of planets and their effects

The year 2020 was of Rahu and Rahu was in Gemini, then the corona that attacked the lungs came and there was hue and cry in the whole world, there were also lockdowns.

2023 Ruler Planet – Ketu

The ruler of 2023, Ketu, is in Libra, so this year the problems related to Kidney and Spine will increase in the society. ASHTAKAVARGA SYSTEM OF PREDICTION by Phaladeeplka

Ketu is the planet of research and innovation, so in 2023, there will be new research and new inventions in the whole world. This research can be done in every field. Can be in technology as well as in medical field because Ketu is also a planet of medical field.

2023 Saturn transit

Saturn is also coming in Aquarius which will control Rahu. So this year people’s interest in Ayurveda and Naturopathy will increase. And in that many Ayurveda institutes will move forward.

New treatment methods and healing systems will also work very well.

Ketu is also a planet of weapons, so we can call the year 2023 the year of wars. And wars will increase in western countries because Libra is the west direction. The death toll will increase. Israel will be in some limelight this time.

2022 Transit of JUPITER/RAHU/SATURN in April – Effects in India and Abroad

2023 Jupiter Transit

Guru (Jupiter) and Rahu are joining together after 22nd April, so the time from 22nd April to 1st November is not so good for North East i.e. North Eastern states of India and some tension will remain there. Predicting foreign travel in Vedic Astrology

The year 2023 may see America’s President Joe Biden retire due to health and the year is also bad for Jinping in China.

This year can give very good results for scientists. One or the other innovation will happen this year.

Astrology Yoga for Foreign Travel and Journeys

The effect of Ketu is on religion and spirituality, so this year is very good for those who want to move ahead in spirituality. And there will be some achievement. Religious feeling will awaken in people. Meditation camps will continue to be organized. Story telling will also increase.

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