Parivartana yoga in Vedic Astrology

Parivartana yoga in Vedic Astrology

This is explains about what is Parivartana yoga in vedic astrology and three kind of Parivartana yoga.

Parivartana yoga occurs when planet A is in the sign of planet B, and planet B is in the sign of planet A. For example, if Mars is in Taurus and Venus is in Aries, Mars is in the sign of Venus and Venus is in the sign if Mars. In Western (horary) astrology, this position is called ‘in reception’. If this position occurs in your own horoscope, it is indicated by a small wave (˜, in mutual reception with another planet). Although the computer programme that we use for our printouts regards this as a beneficial condition code, that is not always the case. We can ascertain that the influence both planets have on each other is similar to that of a conjunction. If this is beneficial or not depends of the character of both planets and especially the houses they rule. There are three kinds of Parivartana yoga.

    • Dainya yoga: This yoga occurs when one of the planets participating in the yoga is lord of the sixth, eighth or twelfth house. These are dushtana houses that generally have an unfavourable influence.


In most cases, the lord of the sixth, eighth or twelfth house will be strengthened by the benefic influence of the other planet.   However, the other planet involved in this yoga is always damaged. Example: When Sagittarius is on the ascendant, the Moon is lord of the eighth house and the Sun is lord of the ninth house. Should the Moon be in Leo and the Sun in Cancer, then we have a dainya parivartana yoga. In this case, the Sun will be damaged because it has to battle with the difficult energy of the eighth house. The Moon however, will get a boost from the influence of the favourable ninth house energy. A possible interpretation for the lord of the eighth house when it is favourably influenced: Perhaps the person involved here will receive an inheritance (eighth house) from his father (ninth house), or he may be a teacher (ninth house) of psychology (eighth house). A possible interpretation for the lord of the ninth house when it is unfavourably influenced: Probably this person’s father (ninth house) has had a problematical life because the lord of the ninth house has been affected by the influence of the lord of the eighth house, which has to do with all kinds of problems. In addition, it is possible that his good fortune (lord of the ninth house) will be tainted (influence of the lord of the eighth house).

    • Kahala yoga: This occurs when one of the planets of this yoga is lord of the third house. The other planet may not be lord of the sixth, eighth or twelfth house (because we then have a dainya yoga). The third house is the house of energy and strength. A kahala yoga would mean that the person involved would invest a lot of energy and vigour in improving his circumstances.

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Example: If Taurus is on the ascendant, the Moon is lord of the third house and Saturn lord of the ninth and tenth houses. Supposing the Moon is in Capricorn and Saturn in Cancer. Then we have a kahala yoga. This person will put a lot of energy (third house) into his career (tenth house) and into broadening his horizons (ninth house).

  • Maha yoga: When a parivartana yoga occurs between the lords of the first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, tenth or eleventh houses, we have a maha yoga. The lords of the third, sixth, eighth or twelfth houses may not be involved, because then we would have either a dainya yoga or a kahala yoga. This yoga enriches the planets involved.

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