Planets in Different houses – Venus in 4th house

Planets in Different houses – Venus in Fourth house | Venus in 4th house

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Planet Venus in astrology

Venus in 3rd house: Venus in vedic astrology represents about love,relationship,marriage,art,music,painting,acting, directing or any kind of creative talent. It also represents sensual pleasure,comfort,luxury convenience like car,air conditioning, jewelry, clothing, wealth, currency, liquid cash.In male chart it represents wife or any kind of woman that he comes across in his life.Venus in different houses vedic astrology

Venus in 4th house

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Fourth house in Astrology | 4th house in Astrology

4th house in birth chary represents native home, homeland, home environment, motherly nourishment, the place where you feel comfortable & happy, land,convenience, property these all are related with your 4th house. Planets in Different houses – Venus in 1st house

So, when Venus comes to 4th house, venus 1st influences 4th house of things, here Venus gets his full directional strength in the 4th house & from the 4th house venus aspect to your 10th house of career means venus loves to dealing with 4th house of things like giving love, motherly nourishment, art, beauty & that should be influencing to your career & we know that 4th house is the place where you feel comfortable & happy whereas venus is a sweet planet gets his full directional strength, So he feels happy & comfortable because venus loves to being in the part of homely environment & dealing with home architectural design, home decorating, crafting , real state, fashion , jewelleray, car business or any creative artistic related with 4th house of home or land business.  Planets in Different houses – Venus in 2nd house

Venus Significance/Karaka

Venus is the significator or karka of ” CAR ” & 4th house represents home & land, so here venus in good sign with 4th lord or 11th lord gives most beautiful big house & also most beautiful costly car like BMW, ferrari, mercedes benz, jaguar cars. I love costly beautiful big house & BMW car.

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Venus conjunct Moon in 4th house

Venus with moon in 4th house of cancer sign indicates that the native should get all kind love , comfort, help from mother & land. We know that 4th house represents education that they’ll get from mother , here mother teach them how to spread love, give motherly nourishment to others mainly if moon & venus under PUSHYA NAKSATRA. most of nurses, emotional doctor who loves their patient , masterchef & restaurants owner are seen by this placement.

Venus in Fourth house under chitra nakshatra

Venus in 4th house under chitra naksatra represents most of home decorators , real estate agent if these venus conjunct with mars or 4th lord then architecture, civil engineer, if these venus also conjunct with moon then it indicates crafting hand bag, fashionable art painter , home designing things maker are seen by this placement.

Venus in Fourth house under revati / Purva phalguni nakshatra

Venus in 4th house under revati or Purva phalguni naksatra represents pure creative artist, now if venus dispositor or naksatra lord is placed in 12th house of good sign then most definitely he/she should be in creative field or fully spiritual lovers or spiritual person who spread love equally to everyone


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