Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 – 2020 Report Virgo Sign

Virgo Sign detailed report of Rahu Transit to Gemini and Ketu transit to Sagittarius Signs


Rahu Transit to your 10th House

Rahu’s transit in Gemini to the 10th house from your Moon Sign is considered as a good indicator in term of professional growth. You may have to bear more responsibilities and have to work for extended hours. Virgo people will work hard and do everything to improve your future prospects. You should be prepared to work hard and try to secure your position. You will be entitled to get increased salary and perks and promotion in your existing positing in your organization.

The reach and recognition you have in your workplace would reach new heights. You would be eager to take on new challenges and ultimately be successful in creating new records. During this process, you would rewrite your own accomplishments. Your work place would adorn a new look. Jupiter transit 2018 effect on Virgo sign

Native born in Virgo sign shall be doubly involved in career related activities. Your profession would demand your presence at important junctures. You would be assigned additional responsibilities at work place. You may travel abroad for official reasons. Virgo native could meet or communicate with foreign people for official reasons. Venus and Rahu in your Birth Chart

You shall experience many long pending plans getting executed now. If you are a business man, there are huge chances to get cracked a big deal. Over all your financial position would be good. You will have to be in travel during this period of one and half year. Your subordinates and professional relations will give you unconditional support and help. If you put cumulative efforts as a whole team no target is impossible for you. Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020 for Virgo

During this period you will work a lot to improve your and communication and social network, because vast social network is key to be a successful personality in society. You should also maintain dignity of your position and behave accordingly.

You may be a little bit impatience during second half of the transit. But I would like to advice you not to be impatience as you may take some wrong decisions which will pull you years of behind. So take decisions carefully after thinking about its impact on your future. You are not alone so many people are standing behind you, because of your one wrong decision everyone has to suffer. Rahu in different houses vedic astrology   

No major health issue is foreseen troubling you. You will enjoy good health during coming years. You should take care of your parents. They may get suffered suddenly if Sun and Moon both are under Rahu/Ketu’s influence. They may suffered by old chronic disease which may create problem again. There are great chances they might be hospitalizing for some times.   

Ketu Transit to your 4th House

Ketu Transit in Sagittarius through the 4th House from your Moon sign generally offer modest results. Although you are happy, you might think that things didn’t shape up as per expectations, but you don’t need to be in panic. Things will start taking shape as per your expectations gradually. We should leave some things on time and let them happen naturally. Ketu in different houses astrology

You shouldn’t get involved in serious arguments with your mother. Try to spend some quality time with your mother. This could prove to be a bond strengthened for you both. Even if something doesn’t go as per expectations, wait for the right moment to have your say. Effects of the Antardashas in the Mahdasha of Ketu

You shouldn’t publicize your opinion and shouldn’t try to impose them on others. You should do some house hold works and help your spouse. It is a good time to take your vehicles to the garage and get it repaired/ serviced. You should try to avoid having outside food which is made of very spicy and fried else you may have some problems in your stomach.

This is a good time to observe fast and practice strict adherence in food related matters. This time is very good to do meditation and to get real knowledge and gyan. You may get disturbed several times during this transit of Ketu in Sagittarius sign.  kalasarpa dosha in Vedic Astrology

Sometimes you may feel very much anger and anxiety; I think it is due to tornados of uncompleted ideas in your subconscious mind. You may feel some mental stress and exhaustion inside you and will be in a sense of dissatisfaction during next one and half year of period. Some pilgrimage and far away travel is being foreseen in near future with other family members and friends.     

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