Rahu Ketu Transit 2020 to 2022 – Leo Sign

According to the Vakiya Panchangam, Rahu transit to Taurus and Ketu  transit to Scorpio on September 1st, 2020.

According to the Thirukanitha Panchangam, Rahu transit to Taurus and Ketu  transit to Scorpio on September 23rd, 2020.

During this transit, Lord Rahu transit from Gemini to Taurus and Lord Ketu transit from Sagittarius to Scorpio.

Rahu Ketu Bhagavan, who can travel in one zodiac sign for a year and a half, will travel in the zodiac sign of Taurus and Scorpio respectively until the 7th May 2022.

Rahu is transiting to 10th house (Karma Sthanam) for your sign Leo.

Effect of Rahu transit 2020 – Leo Sign

  • These is possibility to get into new Business/Job/career oppertunity.
  • Overseas employment / Frequent going abroad for work will happen.
  • Employment opportunities will be created through alternative religions people.
  • During this periods government employees will face transfers / job transfers / departmental transfers / abrupt transfers / harassment of superiors.
  • There will be unnecessary mental discomforts and loss in the home.
  • Child Blessing will be barred.
  • There will be obstacles in the way of thinking things happen.
  • Expected things will pass the barrier and succeed.
  • New contracts need to be done very, very carefully.
  • It is better to avoid bail / guarantee signature.
  • Pain associated with the knee may occur.

Ketu is transiting to 4th house for Leo sign which represents Comfort, house, vehicle & mother.

Effect of Ketu transit 2020 – Leo Sign

  • There will be delays in getting the desired higher education to the students, there will be problems in passing exam and delays in graduation.
  • There will be obstacles in planned activities.
  • Health problems often occur.
  • Medical expenses for the mother will increase. Giving the continent the equivalent of death. It is better to avoid arguments with the mother.
  • Period of change of houses. If you own a house, repair work will take place.
  • Older vehicle often undergo repairs. It is time to replace the old vehicle.
  • Time to be very careful when traveling by car or vehicle.
  • Time to be very very careful in purchasing new property to checking all types of property details. Otherwise you will be deceived.
  • Time to avoid of making payments to financial institutions / private sector / close person / unknown persons in pursuit of higher returns / interest.
  • Homes are prone to theft of expensive items so it is time to be careful.
  • Women can have uterine problems.
  • There is a possibility of heart pain / heart related problems.
  • There will be divisions in the family.
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