Raja yogas in Vedic Astrology by Phala Deepika

Raja Yoga in Hindu Astrology

Raja Yogas in  Vedic Astrology : 1. The native becomes a widely renowned king if at birth he has three or
more planets in their signs of exaltation or in their own signs posited in a kendra.
Even one born in an ordinary family becomes a ruler of the earth possessing bands
of elephants and horses, if five or more planets be posited in a kendra in their signs
of exaltation or in their own sign*.
2. A person born in a royal family becomes a king if he is not born under any
Duryoga nor any planets at the time of his birth are eclipsed by the Sun’s rays. A
person born in a royal family becomes a king if in his nativity three or more
planets posited in a kendra are in their signs of exaltation or in their own signs but
if such a yoga exists in the nativity of a person born in an ordinary family, he
becomes influended and prosperous like a king. He can also become a king.
3. Even a single planet, even if he be in debilitation, is capable of making a
person equal to a king, if not being posited in Dusthana (6th. 8th or 12th) or
combust and be possessed of brilliant rays and be in retrograte motion. If three or
more planets be so disposed, the native becomes a king. If there are many planets
posited in auspicious houses and Navamsas. the native will become a king
endowed with the inslgnias of royalty such as crown, umbrella and waving
4. The native belonging to royal family becomes victorious every where if at
his birth two or more planets are endowed with Digbala.
Notes — The Sun and Mars have full Dlgbala in the Bhava madhya of the
10th house. The Moon and Venus have full Digbala in the Bhava Madhya of the
4th house. Mercury and Jupiter have full Digbala in the Bhava madhya of the first
house. Saturn has full Dlgbala in the Bhava madhya of the first house. Saturn has
lull Digbala in the Bhava madhya of the 7th house (Read about 7th house in Astrology ).
Should there be five such planets (excepting Saturn) or at least 4 planets
possessing Digbala, even the person born in an ordinary family, becomes a king. 5. When the Lagna and the Moon both be In Vargottama Navamsas and
when the Lagna be aspected by four planets other than the Moon, the person
belonging even to a low family becomes a king.
6. Should at birth the lord of the Langa being Vargottama be posited in a
kendra or Trikona and the lord being Vargottama be posited in a kendra or the 9th
in his own sign or his sign of exaltation, the native will become a king who will
occupy a beatiful golden vehicle on the back of an elephant, with chowries
adorning the two sides.
7. When at birth the Moon is brilliant with white luster and is aspected by
planet disposed in his own sign or his sign of exaltation, even the person whose
legitimacy is questionable, will become a king.
When the full Moon is placed in Kendra other than the Lagna the native will
become a king owning elephants and horses.
8. When at birth Venus being placed in Aswini Nakshatra occupies the
Lagna and is aspected by three planets, the person concerned becomes a powerful
king capable of overcoming his enemies.
When the lord of Lagna is powerful and occupies the 2nd house with Venus
in a sign which is not his sign of depression nor an enemy’s sign, the person
concerned will become a king.
9. Should Mars be in Aries or Sagittarius identical with the lagna and be
aspected by a friendly planet, the person concerned becomes a king.
Should the lord of the 9th be in the 10th and vice versa, the person born
becomes a king who is extolled by all (This is a very powerful Raja Yoga).
10. Should the Sun in conjunction with the Moon be posited in the middle of
Sagittarius, Saturn be occupying the Lagna and a very powerful Mars be in his sign
of exaltation, the native will become an extremely valourous king who will be
offered solutations out of fear by his enemies from a distance.
Notes – It will be relevant to quote here Varahamihir who in his great work
Brihat Jataka has specified that Saturn is capable of conferring royalty if were to
rise with the ascendant identical with Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces.
11. If the Moon brilliant with disc resembling nectar and lotus stalk in color
(i.e. the full Moon) occupies a Navamsa owned by the Sun and benefics
unassociated with malefics occupy kendra, the person born will become a king
owning many elephants.
12. Should the Moon be brilliant and as white as milk or conch (i.e. full) and
three other planets not being in depression sign or vargas or inimical sign or
inimical vargas, be in their own Navamsas  and be receiving the aspect of benefics,
the person born becomes lord of the Earth (king) and Vanquishes his enemies.
13. Should the Moon having attained Vargottamsa be aspected by a strong
planet and no malefic be posited in the Lagna the person will become an emperor
and possess a well formed body.
14. When Jupiter, Mercury and Venus or the Moon are posited in 9th with
brilliant rays uneclipsed and are also aspected by or associated with friendly
planets, the person born will become a great king and will be worshipped by his
subjects like a deity.
15. Should Jupiter and Venus be in Meena, Saturn be exalted, the full Moon
be aspected by Mars and the Sun be in Aries identical with the Lagna, the native
concerned will become a king owning a vast army by whose marching so much
dust is raised that Sun becomes invisible and as a consequence the lotus flowers
begin to contract under the impression that the Sun has set.
Notes — This verse appears to be somewhat confusing and complicated and
has led to commentators to interpret it in more than one way. The translation given
above is that based on the interpretation by Shri V. Subrahmanya Shastri.
According to him this is the only possible combination the author could
have had in view as otherwise a full Moon in exaltation with the Sun in Aries is an
impossibility, the Moon to be in exaltation, she should be placed in Taurus. If the
Sun were to be in Aries the Moon cannot be full. In further explaining the
combination Shri Shastri has said that planetary position as per his translation will
be as follows:

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Venus and Jupiter are in Pisces. Aries is rising with the Sun in it, the Moon
is in Libra and Saturn is exalted there. Mars placed in Cancer aspects the Moon
(This is in view of the phrase Teevravilochana Mars Is strong in his 4th glance).
The reader should see for himself that in the above combination, Venus, the Sun
and Saturn are exalted Jupiter is In his own sign. The Sun, Mars and Saturn are in
Kendra. Saturn has got full Digbala. Mars thougn devoid of Digbala has got
Neechabhanga Raja Yoga, as per verses 27 to 30 of this Chapter with the above
combination, the lord of Ascendant with Neechabhanga Raja Yoga through the
Moon definitely confers kingship on the native.

raja yogas in vedic astrology

However, according to the interpretation of the well known author and
commentator Pt. Gopesh Kumar Qjha, the disposition of planets should be as under
:— Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are in Pisces. The Moon is full and is placed in
Taurus in her sign of exaltation. The Sun is aspected by Mars and the Lagna is
identical with Aries.
The Sun has to be in Scorpio for the Moon to be full and Mars has been in
Taurus or Leo to be able to aspect the Sun. We feel that Shri Ojha’s interpretation is
not correct as the combination formed according to it is not strong enough to form
a Raja Yoga and confer kingship on the native.

raja yogas in vedic astrology


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