Rishi Sunak 12 May 1980 12.50 pm Southampton UK

Why rishi sunak has the maximum chances to win the election and to be the next prime minister of UK ? Let us study his chart.

He has Leo Lagna and Sun, the lord of Lagna is exalted in the 9th house, the house of kingdom.

Mars and Jupiter are the lords of both the trine house and seated in the Lagna with political planet Rahu. Mars is exchanging his energy with Sun.

Mars Jupiter Saturn and Rahu are seated in the Lagna so energy of all these 4 planets is transfered to 9th house and Sun has become the dispositor.

Fortunately sub period of Sun will be running in Moon main period from 24 July 2022. Sun is the power house in this chart and also the dispositor of Rahu. So Sun can bestow him Prime minister post.

Mahadasha of Moon is running. Moon is vargottami in Aries in 9th house. Moon is also with Rahu in Navamsha so political rise is confirmed in his dasha. Moon is at zero degree and when the lord of 12th house is at zero degree then he gives name and fame in his Mahadasha.

At the time of final announcement of Prime Minister name on 5th September 2022 Mars will be in his 10th house and will be aspecting the Lagna and natal Mars too. Sun will be crossing the natal Rahu and Rahu will be crossing natal Sun. Moon will be in Sagittarius in trine to natal Jupiter.

In my view nobody can stop Rishi Sunak to become the Prime Minister of UK.

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