Saturn Transit 2020 to 2023 for Cancer (Sani Peyarchi Palan 2020 for Kataka Rasi)

Saturn’s transit effects for Cancer Sign

Mental and Physical Health

All the Cancerians are advised to stay calm due to the transit of Saturn in the 7th house. You need to take extra care of your health as there will be regular travel during this time. Avoid getting into arguments. Spending time with your loved ones will help you be calm and peaceful. Getting involved in yoga and religious activities is your key to staying relaxed.

This transit will give you constipation, stomach and blood pressure related problems. Some of you may suffer filtration issues inside in your body which may result issues in kidneys. Your parents specially your mom may also suffer during transit.   

Wealth and Finance

You will be able to accumulate handsome amount of wealth but your expense part will also be at very high level. You need reconsider before making any new expenses. You will have gains at every level. You will get support of females as well as government. During this period of transit, you may also get back your long-time blocked money.

Your old investments will bring good profit and this is also good time for making new investments. You will also make profit by investing in properties and share market.

Career and Profession

At some point while Saturn moves through the sign of Capricorn, Saturn will oppose your sign or ascendant. You might encounter opposition or resistance to your personal plans and goals, which forces you to re-evaluate your current projects or commitments. Some of these need to be left behind. A maturation process is now in progress, and although this might not be immediately clear, changes you make now will make your life simpler, easier, and healthier later on.

Saturn does very well in this sector of your chart because Saturn is the natural ruler of your partnership sector. The long-term benefits can be great.

Spouse and Family

Saturn is now transiting your seventh house, This puts Saturn opposite your sign, and significant relationships with others as well as the mirror of your own personality provided through your relationships with others are the focus. Tests and strengthening of partnerships, one-on-one relationships. Realities are faced. Commitments are made or tested.

Saturn motivates us to do “spring cleaning” in the areas of life this realistic planet touches, and one-to-one relationships will need to be considered and understood during this transit. Relationship tests are likely. Saturn looks for any weak links and exposes them – they become obvious and even glaring. You may have to let go of relationships built on weak foundations, or work on strengthening them.

For those of you who are single, the initial pressures of Saturn transiting the seventh house can stimulate a feeling of loneliness. You might feel a void in your life now and ache for a true equal in a partner. Although this is possible in either situation (whether you have a significant partnership or not), instead of an issue of re-committing, you will be examining your need for partnership. If involved in a casual love relationship, when Saturn transits the seventh, you might feel an urge to make a commitment or a re-definition of your bond.

Depending on your age and life circumstances, “significant partnerships” can mean partnerships with loved ones, business partnerships, and even deep friendships. You might begin to view casual friendships as superficial and unsatisfying, and want more. Essentially, quantity (in the relationship department) is replaced with quality, and this process involves time, soul-searching, frustration, and, ideally, eventual fulfillment.

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