Saturn Transit 2020 to 2023 for Pisces (Sani Peyarchi Palan 2020 for Meena Rasi)

Mental and Physical Health:

At some point during Saturn’s stay in the sign of Capricorn, This happens to both you and Scorpio. Strengthened relationships with authority figures or older people in your life may play a supportive role in your life now, largely due to your own humbler attitude. The work you do and the responsibilities you take on provide you with a solid sense of purpose. Because you have a more mature grasp of our own capabilities, you project a more responsible, perhaps serious, and self-assured personality to others.

You are able to look at yourself in a realistic and reasonable manner, and you are less vulnerable to self-delusion. One of the major sources of stress and guilt in our lives stems from uncertainty. Unnecessary stress comes from overestimating our capabilities and responsibilities and inevitably failing to meet them. Things nag at the back of our minds. Saturn offers us realism, and with his sextile to your Sun, you see yourself and your capabilities more clearly and realistically. At this time in your life, you know what your responsibilities are, and you meet them.

Wealth and Finance:

Saturn will transit through the 11th house for Pisces sign. The 11th house represents income and growth. Your hard work will pay you well during this transit. However, monetary gains are slim for you. Saturn wants you to work really hard to achieve success. Your income will increase but also your expenditures.

This is a rewarding period overall, particularly if you focus more on long-term benefits and less on short-term frustrations. Saturn is in a sign that it rules, Capricorn, during this period, and performs very well here as a result.

Career and Profession:

A better job offer can be expected. Switching jobs will be fruitful. Time to clean up your social life and happiness goals. Time to either make dreams a reality or scrap. It’s a good time to see these things more clearly, although sometimes sternly. You should be at a point where you know, realistically, what you are doing and where you are headed professionally.

Spouse and Family:

You will get to spend quality time with your family. You’ve spent at least a couple of years focusing much of your energy on your place in society, your responsibilities, and your social standing. Your personal goals and aspirations come under Saturn’s scrutiny. How you fit in with others, your affiliations with people and groups, and your peers all become serious matters to you now.

You might meet someone with whom you establish a serious friendship at this time, or you might become a member of a group or affiliation that you devote much of your time to. Weeding out what seems now to be superfluous social associations from your life is very likely during this transit as you become more serious about what you want, on a personal level, from your life.

You might take a hard look at the role you play in others’ lives, and consider exactly what it is that satisfies you and contributes to your happiness, beyond partnership, romance, career, religion, and so forth.

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