Significations of Divisional Chart in Vedic Astrology

Each divisional chart signifies a particular area of life and throws light on it. Table 11 gives the list of these areas.

Table 11: Divisional Chart Significations

Divisional Chart Symbol Area of life to be seen from it
Rasi D-1 Existence at the physical level
Hora D-2 Wealth and money
Drekkana D-3 Everything related to brothers and sisters
Chaturthamsa D-4 Residence, houses owned, properties and fortune
Panchamsa D-5 Fame, authority and power
Shashthamsa D-6 Health troubles
Saptamsa D-7 Everything related to children (and grand-children)
Ashtamsa D-8 Sudden and unexpected troubles, litigation etc
Navamsa D-9 Marriage and everything related to spouse(s),
Dasamsa D-10 Career, activities and achievements in society
Rudramsa D-11 Death and destruction
Dwadasamsa D-12 Everything related to parents (also uncles, aunts
and grand-parents, i.e. blood-relatives of parents)
Shodasamsa D-16 Vehicles, pleasures, comforts and discomforts
Vimsamsa D-20 Religious activities and spiritual matters
Chaturvimsamsa D-24 Learning, knowledge and education
Nakshatramsa D-27 Strengths and weaknesses, inherent nature
Trimsamsa D-30 Evils and punishment, sub-conscious self, some
Khavedamsa   Auspicious and inauspicious events
Akshavedamsa D-45 All matters
Shashtyamsa D-60 Karma of past life, all matters




By P.V.R. Narasimha Rao

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