Vedic Astrology Yoga for Foreign Travel and Foreign Settlement

Foreign Travel & Foreign Settlement

Foreign travel, everyone face smiling I can see now and feel your happiness. When Uncle Sam will call me,this question raising in every heart now?Wait let me explain in brief. Some my NRI friends requesting for this article from long time.Common queries such as planet responsible for foreign travel, planet international travel tours,vedic astrology foreign travel, foreign travel rahu, foreign settlement vedic astrology, when will i go abroad astrology free, chances of going abroad horoscope,foreign residence astrology,predict foreign travel.Houses for foreign travel in Astrology:
As you know, not only one house responsible for foreign travel. Important house for foreign travel is 9th house & 12th house and in last 7 and 8th house.
Any strong benefic connection of ascendant to 9th/12th house guarantee for foreign travel.


Most important house for foreign travel:
Most important house is 9th house. Why I am telling 9th house most important? 9th house and 12th two main house for foreign travel but 12th house also represents debs,loss etc…. If planet strong here then it will give travel but not beneficial for financial. If you travelling through your strong 9th house then obviously it will best for you. It will give immense wealth and reputation in foreign land. Another logical point need to mention here which generally your astrologer will not tell you.9th house represent Sagittarius sign in Kal-purush chart which rules by Jupiter fire element and dual sign. Jupiter is the main significator for foreign travel. So it is one of the most important houses for foreign travel and settlement.
The profitability of stay/visits in a foreign country depends on the strength of the significators involved. Rahu’s connection with houses connected with foreign journeys/residence .

Foreign Settlement:
For the Settlement, strong 9th and ascendant connection should be from 12th house and no connection with 4th house otherwise person will go and after sometime he will come back due to some reasons. If ascendant lord connection in 9th and 12th house in fixed sign then probability more for permanent settlement in abroad.. If the yoga has the influence of movable signs, person is likely to return. We should check the first 15 degrees in any common sign represents fixed nature and the second fifteen degrees represents movable nature.

Role of Jupiter/moon/Rahu in 9th house and 12th house:
As I already pointed out, 9th and 12th houses represent the prospects of long distance travel and life away from home respectively. Hence, when the lords of these two houses with Jupiter/moon/Rahu are in conjunction or in mutual aspect, a strong yoga for foreign travel is formed and such a person goes to a foreign country definitely.

Timings for foreign travel:

 The following factors should be taken into consideration for timing foreign  travel:
 9th/12th house Mahadasha or anaterdasha
 planets associated with 9th/12 lord dasha
 9th lord from the Moon
 the lord of the sign where the 9th lord is posited
 planets in the 8th
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