Planets in Different houses – Venus in 2nd house

Planets in Different houses – Venus in Second house | Venus in 2nd house

Planet Venus in astrology

Venus in 2nd house: Planet Venus represents beauty, love,relationship,marriage, art, music, painting, acting, directing or any kind of creative talent. It also represents sensual pleasure, comfort, luxury convenience like car, air conditioning, jewelry, clothing, wealth, currency,  liquid cash.In male chart it represents wife or any kind of woman that he comes across in his life.  Venus in different houses vedic astrology

Second house | 2nd house in Astrology

2nd house / Second house in Astrology: This house is most important for all Rasi in astrology because it is represents speech, Money, Assets and wealth. Also this house represents your family, family descent, value, savings, food you like, eating habits.  Venus in different houses vedic astrology

Venus in 2nd house


Venus in Second house | Venus in 2nd house in Astrology

When Venus  placed in 2nd house that represents family & family lineage, Venus mainly influences on 2nd house of things ie like family assets, wealth, jewellery, sweet speech, music, culture, finance, beauty parlous. Auspicious hindu marriage dates in 2016

When Venus come to 2nd house, the native they are very much conscious about their beauty, fashionable things, beauty parlor if Venus under purva phalguni naksatra in 2nd house without other planets are influencing then most definitely it shows that they love to look good always. You can see this placement in most of the actor and musician birht chart. Because 2nd house represents vocal cord, voice & venus represent art, music so musician & purva phalguni naksatra represents most artistic actor mainly muscian . Planets in Different houses – Venus in 1st house

Venus in second house under rohini nakshatra

When Venus conjunct with Rahu under Rohini Naksatra, Rahu will increase the Venus Power, So the native will work in fashion or cinema industry

Venus in second house under pushya nakshatra

When Venus placed in 2nd house with moon in Cander Sign (katak Rasi) under Pushya Naksatra the native open up beauty parlour or restaurants or hotel business because moon under pushya means giving motherly nourishment, proper nutrition to others whereas 2nd house also represents- food intake, mouth & venus represents artistic things & spreading love equally to every where so , emotional nurses in health care field, costly restaurants for giving proper nutrition & hotel business because 2nd house of family business. Planets in Different houses – Venus in 2nd house

Venus in second house under Chitra nakshatra

When Venus in 2nd house under Chitra nakshatra without any other planets indicates jewellery business , if any how this venus conjunct with 4th lord & mars in 4th house then most definitely it represents most artistic designer , architecture building contructor who build up majestic palace or most cost building because venus represents costly fashionable things & chitra lord is mars who is the karka of land construction. So, costly hotel, restaurants owner , architecture & civiling engineer are seen by this placement.

Venus in second house under revati nakshatra

When Venus placed in 2nd house under Revati naksatra represents most creative artist if this Venus conjunct with Jupiter then it shows creative director , musician & revati pada 4 shows true spiritual leader or guider who spread love through their speech because venus represents sweet thing- 2nd house represents speech & Jupiter in Pisces sign of under revati represents the true spiritual guider or leader , it represents true spiritual leader spread love & attract people through his/her sweet speech.

Venus in second house under krittika/ purnavasu / purba ashada nakshatra

When Venus placed in 2nd house under krittika or purnavasu or purba ashada naksatra mostly represents assets builder if Jupiter is also with Venus or mercury then financial advisor or financial mangement or managing director.

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