Planets in Different houses – Venus in 3rd house

Planets in Different houses – Venus in Third house | Venus in 3rd house

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Planet Venus in astrology

Venus in 3rd house: Venus in vedic astrology represents about love,relationship,marriage,art,music,painting,acting, directing or any kind of creative talent. It also represents sensual pleasure,comfort,luxury convenience like car,air conditioning, jewelry, clothing, wealth, currency, liquid cash.In male chart it represents wife or any kind of woman that he comes across in his life.Venus in different houses vedic astrology

Third house in Astrology | 3rd house in Astrology

3rd house in Astrology represents the person communication skill, will power, strength, acting, mimicry, sales, marketing, own self business, media, anchoring, writing skill, teaching, your siblings, neighbors, small friend network circle.

Venus in 3rd house vedic astrology

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Venus in Third house | Venus in 3rd house in Astrology

When Venus  placed in 3rd house which represents will power, communication skill, hand writing and hand related things. As we know Venus represents artistic creative things.  So, when Venus comes to 3rd house, Venus 1st influences 3rd house of things  such as artistic creative novel writer, crafting artistic things made by hand like fashionable things are seen by this placement. Planets in Different houses – Venus in 1st house

Venus is the significator of Car and 3rd house represents short distance travel or daily short distance travel for small business and if lord of fourth house or Mars (karka of land) or Mercury (travelling) influences this Venus in 3rd house mainly in movable sign then its also represents car traveling business or tourism business. Planets in Different houses – Venus in 2nd house

3rd represents your neighbors house & also your hobby whereas Venus represents wife or any kind of woman that you come across in your life. It means that your are surrounded by female neighbors or younger siblings or you( male )’ll meet your life partner when you are at your hobby place or you ‘ll impress most of females through your hobby skills .

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Venus in Third house under rohini / Purva phalguni nakshatra

Venus represents entertainment cinema or fashion industry , so lots of actor, actress has this placement of Venus in 3rd house of speech communication skill like acting, mimicking, anchoring or even it also represents artistic media world. If venus under rohini or Purva phalguni nakshatra & if influenced by rahu or 5th & 10th lord then most definitely it represents only acting , media , entertainment cinema or fashion industry.Tithi and Their Auspicious Event in vedic astrology

Venus in Third house under purna vasu or revati nakshatra

Ninth house in birth chart represents higher learning education. 3rd house is 7th houes from 9th house (opposite of 9th house) where you communicate all these higher knowledge or spread this higher knowledge to your neighbors by your communication skill , so 3rd house also called house of teaching if Venus under purna vasu or revati nakshatra then it indicates most of lovable or creative spiritual teacher who spread his knowledge equally to everywhere through love. Vedic Astrology and Education


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