Venus Retrograde and It’s impact – October 2018

Planet Venus going into retrograde motion on 5th October 2018 to 16th November 2018. It’s significations and impact on each Ascendant

Retrograde Venus and It’s impact of Us

Venus—the planet of love, beauty, harmony and compassion, going into retrograde motion on 5th October 2018 to 16th November 2018. This six-week period can be a very tricky and full dilemma for relationships. If a bonding between couple’s is not built of concrete foundation, they will experience turbulence and jerks. This period will also give them an opportunity to go back and do the necessary work. People will see who’s willing to put in that investment…and who only shows up when things are good, fun and easy. Over all this period is going to be Eye-opening for them who are in day dream!

On a positive side, retrograde period of Venus could bring a refreshing pause (comma) for a short duration to the dramatic scripts of our love stories, it will help us to go back and regain perspective. It will also give us an opportunity to do self analysis “are we really finding ourselves into suitable romantic role?” And if not, what can we do to redo or change a less-than-stimulating plot line? Effect of Debilitated Venus in Different Houses

Whenever a planet goes retrograde, it gives us signal to turn inward first: retest our motives, sculpt our hidden desires, even it also exhume few past demons with whom we haven’t fully dealt yet. It gives us a chance to redo, rethink, recollect, reconcile, revive, reunite, repair and restore.

Retrograde Venus give us lens to check people’s intentions and reality, rather than with rose-colored filters. That can be strife at first. But is your chief complaint a deal breaker—or is there something to learn here by addressing those issues together? A wise therapist we know once said, “It’s not that successful couples don’t have conflict, because they do. It’s how they work through it that determines the strength of their relationship.”

Now let us go though how retrograde Venus would impact your sign specifically—and know how to navigate it with grace and finesse.

Aries Ascendant:

A long-lost love could resurface again in your life, but it’s time may not be right? Single guys should use this period to really think about what expectations they have from their partners or loved one. If any friend or relative is taking up the huge share of your time and energy, the your should try to put a little bit more space in the relationship and reserving that room for a romantic relationship instead. Jupiter transit 2018 effect on Aries sign

Taurus Ascendant:

This is going to be testing time for partnerships and partners to get an overhaul or at least, a short span of duration under the microscope. You could struggle to feel in sync with others, or might finally bring up a sticking point. You should be proactive and solution-oriented instead of just complaining or blaming for situations or people. Resolve old conflicts and seek closure with an ex. You may watch for a self-critical or controlling streak during November. The planet of beauty sounds the call for self-care, nurturing your body and spirit will be the best retrograde remedy. Revamp your beauty and skincare, as well as your diet, switching to natural and organic options. 2018 Yearly Horoscope Taurus Sign

Gemini Ascendant:

Retrograde Venus could incite stress fueled body image issues or remind you to get back in touch with the “temple for your soul” by nourishing yourself and moving regularly. You should try to find healthy outlets like affirmations, gentle yoga for channeling frustration and book those overdue bodywork appointments. Even a quick massage for very short period could also be a game-changer for you. You should monitor your tendency to micromanage and nitpick your dear one, and steer clear of those fixer-upper types who always want advice but never have much to give in return. Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020 for Gemini Sign

Cancer Ascendant:

Venus in your hot-headed and hot-blooded sector during October makes you loose cannon ready to fire. Your ex-boy friend or girl friend may contact you. I would like to advise you to proceed with caution to avoid messy entanglements. During November there could be something which may try to disrupt harmony with relatives, roommates or your living situation. If you’re going to renovating or redecorating, collect fabric and paint swatches and start a few pinterest boards, you should stay in the planning phases to avoid a costly design misstep. Venus in different houses vedic astrology

Leo Ascendant:

There may be some heat during October, as a cranky Venus camps in your house of efforts and siblings. You may face some issues with a female, perhaps some mama drama or sibling rivalry. Double down on the self-care and affirming mantras, as your moods could swing wildly. During November tension with a sibling, neighbor or friend could disrupt your groove. If you can’t say something nice, bite your tongue. Venus and Jupiter conjunction

Virgo Ascendant:

Playing devil’s advocate is a dangerous game while Venus reverses through your wealth, communication and family house during October. You should choose your words carefully before delivering. You may face some struggle related to money and profession during November. I won’t suggest you to borrow or taking any type of loan from any friends or loved one. If you are planning about splurging on a luxury item for your home or wardrobe or any new vehicle, you should postpone until the retrograde over.  Remedies in Vedic Astrology

Libra Ascendant:

You may entangle in an arguments about money which could erupt you during October. Some misunderstandings may raise head with co-workers or clients. You should lock up minimize expenses through credit cards. Impulse purchases could lead to buyer’s remorse, as your normally spot-on style and taste could miss the mark. Libra ascendant people could feel yourself in misunderstood and confused state and may need to some loneliness for a while. You should fly solo and carve out more time for self. Libra sign people can use this period to reflect on what are your expectations from your loved one and friends.  Manglik Dosha | Kuja Dosha Effects and Remedies

Scorpio Ascendant:

This is very suitable time to take a short break. You need to reconnect with yourself during this backspin period of Venus If you’re not feeling beautiful, desirable or magnetic, get really clear about what’s blocking that, and you should change your focus. A swoons worthy (but questionably trustworthy) type could sweep you to la-la land as Venus visits your fantasy house. Is this person really a wolf in dream-lover’s clothing? Slow down to avoid finding out the hard way. If you’ve been holding onto a grudge or resentment do the tough but necessary work of clearing that up. Forgiveness is not only divine; it will set you free from the painful grips of the past. RAJA YOGAS in Vedic Astrology

Sagittarius Ascendant:

Wherever you go, there you are. Venus is in your 11th house of gain and friendships. Clean up your own romantic backyard instead of projecting blame on a mate or looking for the Holy Grail of lovers. You should reduce your time on dating apps while Venus retrogrades through this technology-driven sector. Maybe go mingle and meet people in the flesh instead? On a positive note, this could be a great time to reunite with cherished old friends.

Capricorn Ascendant:

Your team could lose steam as Venus backspin through your group sector until April. Experimenting with an open relationship or online dating could also go awry, so tread (and swipe) lightly. Office politics can consume you during November. You should be very careful about mixing business and pleasure. An attraction to someone significantly older or younger than you could pull you into difficulties.  Significance of Planets in vedic astrology

Aquarius Ascendant:

Retrograde Venus in your paternal zone, resolve childhood dynamics before they taint your current relationship. You may have reservations about the future and need to pause so you can assess whether you want the same thing (and if you don’t, to invent some new long-term goals). You should avoid an office romance which may create question mark in your social reputation and dignity. In November, you may have craving for freedom. You should honor your independent spirit but don’t trample someone’s needs in your quest for “space.”  Remedies in Vedic Astrology

Pisces Ascendant:

The world is usually your romantic oyster, but you may feel totally out of sync with new people until last of October, while retrograde Venus will make you risk-taking and cross-cultural connections. Committed guys could feel claustrophobic. If you are travelling, tread lightly with any vacation romances. In November, an ex-lover could resurface, tempting you into a taboo tryst. Feeling frumpy? Reconnect with your sensuality (think: massage, dancing, an undies-drawer revamp). Do the inner work to feel attractive again, instead of getting mixed up with a player.


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