Which planets cause obesity in women?

Friends, nowadays, obesity disease is seen a lot due to eating behaviour and especially in women due to hormones. Today we will discuss the yoga of astrology that I have seen in my experiences obesity.

Leptin, insulin, cortisol, thyroid and testosterone. These 5 types of hormones are disturbed, cause thyroid problems in women and obesity. Women have more of this messed up.

I have seen the horoscope of many women who have got obesity and who have become very fat after marriage, so I am telling you in my experience. Such rules will not be seen anywhere in the scriptures.

Mars and Rahu Ketu control these three planets hormones, then men and women who have Mars sitting nearby with the Sun become fat or fat by going ahead.

Guru (Jupiter) is the factor of fat in the body, fat is the factor, so when Rahu comes with Guru (Jupiter), he makes women fat after marriage. Especially the Guru (Jupiter) Rahu of Cancer Scorpio and Pisces are found giving a lot of obesity. Second thing, even if it is not in the whole body, because the Guru (Jupiter) controls the waist and hip, then the waist becomes very big after marriage.

Even if there is a change of Guru (Jupiter) and Pisces moon in cancer marriage, then sometimes women get obesity after marriage. Because water element changes.

Men whose horoscope has Rahu or Ketu in marriage, their wives have full possibility of getting obesity after marriage. Because Rahu or Ketu sit in the seventh place who put their influence on wife’s hormones. The women who sit in the marriage of Rahu or Ketu are also likely to get obesity.

Guru (Jupiter) controls lever too, if Guru (Jupiter) suffers from planets like Mars and Rahu in the horoscope and Venus which is the sugar factor is also involved, then the chances of diabetes increase. And obesity also gives.

Saturn is the factor of decay. She is a sweetheart. Fasting and control is the factor. Dieting factor in today’s language which works to reduce fat or obesity. If Saturn’s effect is the ruler of bitter juice, then bitter substances are also given in diabetes.

If Saturn has more influence on Jain people, then they also consume bitter juice in food and especially in Chaturmas. And fasting to fast.

As Guru (Jupiter) gives obesity, likewise Saturn gives agriculture. Those who are influenced by Saturn are already Mitahari and are very attentive in food and are Ayurveda lovers. Shani Guru (Jupiter)’s relation also controls obesity.

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