Yearly Horoscopes 2017 Pisces Sign | New Year Rasi Palangal 2017 Meena Rasi

Yearly Horoscopes 2017 | 2017 PISCES HOROSCOPE / 2017 MEENA HOROSCOPE


At beginning of the year, Jupiter is aspects the Ascendant from 7th house, this will result in inauspicious happening related to you in your family in the matters of marriage, house, real estate, vehicle etc.

As your horoscope receives the sight of Saturn, your efforts and actions will result in victory. Your status, wealth, and wordy power will increase.

Particularly, the economic status will be very good. The amount that is to be received will reach the hands. You will attain a higher place in employment and business. Will also attain merry heat and excitements. Some will receive an increment in the job and the desired transfer.

Matters related to business, commerce, business expansion, initiation of a new branch and small business efforts will end up in success.

The discreditation occurred earlier will get removed and the hidden competitors and enemies will evade.

The relationship between husband and wife will be healthy, auspicious occasions such as marriage will occur in the family, chances to buy house appliances, ornaments, and important materials. Bachelor’s will get married and couple with delayed pregnancy will beget children.

People involved in politics and social service will get more audience influences.

As the birth horoscope of Saturn is sighting at 3rd and 11th place the mental depression will disappear, excitement and happiness will be created, there will be benefits through siblings, efforts will be successful and lucky.

This year the Lord of Saturn is transiting from 9th place to 10th place for your horoscope.

Competitions will occur in employment and business, the workload will increase, your talents will get revealed and tiny drift will provide tiredness.

Will get involved in public service and social activities. Some will experience a transformation in Job and business and will get business loans. Be more careful on business investments and employment of employees.

At the same time, small disputes will occur and disappear between new friends and business partners. Verify the bonds related to house, land, and business before signing.

Business-related foreign efforts will be victorious. People trying for a new job will get a job.

The Lord of Saturn is sighting the horoscope at 12th, 4th, and 7th positions.

Some will experience a situation of selling or exchanging house and vehicle. There will be an occurrence of slight health issues. This may create tiny disputes between husband and wife. Prevent useless arguments and give up on such issues.

If you work on a plan, this is a time to work out all your long time dreams and thoughts.

If there are good Dasa and Bhuthi occurring in your birth horoscope then all the sins will get reduced and the beneficent through good deeds will increase.


Worshiping the Lord of Saturn every Thursdays and worshiping Amman every Fridays can be a good remedy. Providing food and clothes and other affordable helps to the destitute children will be beneficent.


Yearly Horoscopes 2017 | New Year Rasi Palangal 2017

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