Yogas in Vedic Astrology – Part 8

(3) If the third house is occupied or aspected by benefic planets and the lord
of the third house not being combust, is in an auspicious house, in his sign of
exaltation or in his own sign, the yoga so formed is known as Shaurya yoga.
The person born with Shaurya Yoga has younger brothers devoted to him.
The younger brothers will attain glory and will be brave and valiant and will be
endowed with admiration of others. His nature will be adorned like Shri Rama, he
will be engrossed in state affairs, will be loved by everybody and will be very

(4) If the fourth house is similarly disposed the Yoga formed is known as
Jaladhi. The person born with this Yoga will be rich in cattle wealth and grains. He
will own a beautifully constructed mansion full of relatives. He will have an
excellent wife, gems, clothes, ornaments and will attain a high and respectable
status. He will be blessed with everlasting happiness. He will own elephants,
horses, palanquins etc., and will be reverred by the king. He will be devoted to
Brahmins and gods and construct wells and reservoirs by the road side for the
benefit of others.

(5) Similar disposition of the 5th house gives rise to Chhattra Yoga. The
person born with Chhattra yoga will lead a very happy family life, will be very
fortunate and will enjoy happiness from children, will be wealthy and renowned
with eloquent speech. He will possess a sharp intellect and will become a minister
of the king. He will be honoured by the king and will be respected by others.

(6) Similar disposition of the 6th house causes Astra yoga. The person born
with Astra yoga will be capable of conquering very powerful enemies. He will be
cruel in his disposition and arrogant. He will have bruised limbs but a strong body.
He will be quarrelsome.
Notes — Normally the 6th house is treated as Dusthana (bad house); but if
the lord of the sixth be in the sixth, he improves the effects of the 6th house. It is
generally said by the astrological pandits that malefics do good if they are posited
in the 6th house. The reason for this can be that the 6th house is ‘Shatru sthana’.
Malefics will destroy the enemies. It is also believed that Mars, Saturn and Rahu
are good in the 3rd, 6th and 11th. The reason for this is also the same, namely, the
malefic will destroy enemies and diseases. Now we come to Shri Mantreshwarar’s
views. According to him the lord of a house gives good effects when he is vested
with strength. This is unobjectionable but he has also expressed the opinion that if
lord of a Dusthana is posited in another dustnana he does good. This has been
described in Verse 57 of this very chapter. Another thing is that benefics do good to
the house where they are posited. Similarly the aspect of benefics improves the
effects of the aspected house.

(7) If there be similar disposition of the 7th house, the Yoga arising is called
Kama yoga. The person with Kama yoga at birth will have nothing to do with other
people’s wives. His good qualities will enable him to surpass his father and he will
be very prosperous.

(8) With similar disposition of the 8th house, the yoga-formed is known as
Astra yoga. The person with this yoga will disturb others in their work and will
become a talebearer. He will be selfish, poor and have forbidden cravings. He will
indulge in mean doings and will untimately suffer for his unwanted doings.

(9) The 9th house disposed in the same manner gives rise to Bhagya Yoga.
The person who has his birth in the Bhagya yoga will move in palanquins
(excellent vehicles) in the midst of sounds of musical instruments (bands, drums
etc.) and with chowries waving to and fro. He will always be equipped with wealth
and will observe a righteous code of conduct. Gods and Brahmins will be pleased
with him for his devotion and virtues. He win make his family illustrious and will
have a lowering disposition.

(10) The disposition in similar manner in the 10th will cause Khyati Yoga.
The person born with Khayti yoga at his birth will become a king who will protect
his good subjects by following a code of conduct approved by all. He will have
sons, friends, wife and will be very wealthy, prosperous and famous.

(11) The disposition in the same way of the 11th will give rise to Parijata
Yoga. The person born with the Parijata Yoga will always be celebrating on some
account or other. He will become a king and will also be the owner of much
hoarded wealth. He will have a large family and will be fond of hearing songs of
great people. He will be learned and always engaged in performing auspicious

(12) The 12th house so disposed will cause Musala Yoga. The person born
with Musala Yoga will accumulate wealth with great difficulty. He will suffer
humiliation. His wealth will be tnstable. His expenditure will be only for legitimate
purposes. He will be stupid and of unsteady mind and he will go to heaven after his

57. If the lords of the houses from the Lagna onwards are in the 6th, 8th or
the 12th. or If the houses are occupied or aspected by malefics, 12 kinds of yogas
are formed from the houses commencing from the Lagna. They are respectively—
(1) Ava Yoga, (2) Nisswa Yoga, (3) Mriti Yoga, (4) Kuhu Yoga, (5) Pamara
Yoga, (6) Harsha Yoga, (7) Dushkriti Yoga, (8) Sarala Yoga, (9) Nirbhagya Yoga,
(10) Duryoga,
(11) Daridra Yoga, and (12) VimalaYoga.

58. The person born with Ava yoga will be of no significance (He will be
unknown and will be of no importance to others). He will be exceedingly poor and
will have a short life (Alpa ayu). He will suffer humiliations, will remain in
company of the wicked and will Be deformed and of ill behaviour. His position
will remain unsteady.

59. The person with Nisswa yoga at birth will be harsh in speaking. His wife
will not bear children. He will remain in bad company and will have ill formed
teeth and eyes. He will be bereft of intelligence, children, learning and power. His
wealth will be taken away by his enemies.
60. The person with Mriti Yoga will be annihilated by his enemies, will be
devoid of brothers, shame, strength and wealth. He will get tired by indulging in
unseemly actions and will be of excitable temperament.

61. Kuhu Yoga will make the native be bereft of mother, conveyances, friends, 

happiness, ornaments, relations. He will be unemployed and without a
place of living having lost the one already owned by him and will have association
with women of low caste.

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