Yogas leading to Asceticism

Yogas leading to Asceticism

Yogas leading to Asceticism : 1. When the lord of the 10th house in association with four planets be posited in a kendra or trikona, the native attains emancipation.

He will also attain emancipation if at the time of his birth, the end of a sign be rising and the same by owned by a benefic and Jupiter occupies a kendra or trikona.

2. If at the time of birth of a person, four or more planets are posited in a single house, he will become an ascetic of the order indicated by the strongest amongst the planets. Some of the learneds are of the opinion that if the lord of the 10th house be one amongst those plaets, the person will take to the order of ascetics signified by the lord of the 10th house.

Notes — According to Brihat Jataka if at birth four or more planets possessed of strength occupy a single house, the person born will become a Sakya, a Jeevika, a Bhikshu, a Vriddha or Guru, a Charakha, a Nigrantha or Vivasa, a Vanyasana or vanaprastha, according as Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, the Moon, Venus, Saturn, or the Sun, is the strongest planet of the group. If the strongest planet in

question be conquered in planetary war by another planet or planets at the time of birth, the person will relinquish that stage of ascetic life and revert to the previous condition in life.

According to Jataka Parijata, Vanaprastha is a religious man engaged in the practice of regorous and devout penance. A Vivasa is a naked ascetic dwelling in hills and forests. A Bhikshu is an illustrious ascetic with a single staff for his symbol engaged ever and anon in the contemplation of the truths of the sacred scriptures. A Charaka is a religious mendicant wandering over many countries. A Sakya is an ill-behaved ascetic of the Buddhist class. A Guru is a celebrated teacher endowed with royal splendour. A Jeevaka is a garrulous and gluttonous mendicant.

3. If the Moon be posited in the decanate of Saturn and be aspected by Saturn and Mars, the native will turn into an ascetic. If the Moon be in the Navamsa of Mars and be receiving the aspect of Saturn the person will take to the order of ascetism signified by Mars.

4. If the lord of the sign occupied by the Moon at birth, be aspected only by Saturn, the native will become an ascetic of the particular class indicated by the Janmadeepa. The remarks made above apply here too.

5. The Sun will make the native a chief or lord amongst contemplative saints or one who has taken to ascetism. The Moon will make the native an ascetic who is travelling to various places of pilgrimge. Mars will cause the native to become an ascetic of the Buddhist order and an expert in base spells. The influence of Mercury will enable the native to become a medicant with no knowledge of the

various schools of philosophy. Jupiter will cause the native to become an ascetic of high class possessing knowledge of Vedanta philosophy. Venus will cause to make an ascetic who is a hypocrite, outcaste and public dancer. Saturn will produce an ascetic who is an outcaste or a heretic.

6-7. The Moon is very strong in the Shukla Paksha or bright half of the month. But if the Moon be weak (waning) and be aspected by the lord of the Lagna, the native will become a miserable, distressed and wretched ascetic devoid of wealth and company and one who will get his meals with difficulty. If, however, in the above yoga, there may exist a Rajayoga, all the bad effects will be removed and the native will become a lord of earth initiated into ascetism and inclined virtuously, receiving respect and reverence from other kings.

8. If four planets including the lord of the 10th be posited in a kendra or trlkona or three planets be quartered in an auspicious house, the native will seek admission to the holy order and will become a successful ascetic. If there be more benefic in amongst the planets mentioned above occupying

auspicious houses, the holy order will be one reverred by the great. If it be not so, the holy order will not command reverence.

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