Amrita siddhi Yoga in Astrology

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Amrita Siddhi Yoga:

This yoga is formed due to combination of Vara and Nakshatra

Sunday  : Hasta
Monday  : Mrgashiras
Tuesday : Aswini
Mercury : Anuradha
Thursday: Pusya
Friday  : Revati
Saturday: Rohini

Amritsiddhi Yoga

1. Hast Nakshatra: When Hast Nakshatra falls on Sunday then Amritsiddha Yoga is formed.
2. Mrighshira Nakshatra: When Mrighshira Nakshatra falls on Monday AAmrit Siddhi Yogaa is created.
3. If Ashwini Nakshatra combines with Tuesday during transit, Amritsiddha Yoga is created.
4. Amrit Siddhi Yoga is also created when Wednesday combines with Anuradha Nakshatra.
5. The combination of Kritika Nakshatra and Thursday during transit results in Amritsiddha Yoga.
6. When Raivati Nakshatra falls on Friday during transit this auspicious Yoga is formed.
7. When Rohini Nakshatra during transit falls on Saturday then a very auspicious Amrit Siddhi Yoga is created.
According to Astrology, you can perform any auspicious task in Amritsiddhi Yoga. You will definitely get good results if you perform any task in Amritsiddhi Yoga.

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