Analysis of Karnataka Election by Astrologer Ashwin Rawal

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Karnataka Election Analysis and Prediction

Karnataka election dates declared now. In the case of election, date of result decides the future of Candidates. In this case 15th May is the date of counting the votes and result too.

On 15th May Sun is at zero degree in Taurus. Moon is in Aries till 4.30 pm and after that it will move to Taurus and join Sun at zero degree. Mars is exalted in Capricorn at 5 degree.

Now we will check the horoscopes of Shri Narendra Modi and Shri Rahul Gandhi and see what is the effect of this transit in their chart.

Now ruling party at present is Congress so let us see shri Rahul Gandhi’s chart. He is having Libra Lagna with Saturn in Aries at 24 degree. Sun in Gemini and Moon in Saggitarius. Saturn is passing through his natal Moon now. On the day of counting Moon will be around his natal Saturn in Aries so shocking and depressing result. At the time of final result in evening after 4.30 pm Sun and Moon will be at zero degree in his 8th house. This is the house of frustration. Astrology Tips for Share Market

Now let us see the chart of our PM. Scorpio is rising at 1 degree. Mars also at zero degree in Scorpio with Moon. Sun also at zero degree Virgo in 11th.

Now at the time of counting Moon will be in the 6th house of victory. After 4.30 Sun and Moon will be at zero degree Taurus at 7th. Mars is also at zero degree in Lagna so Sun and Moon both will be in the close aspect of Mars and trine to natal Sun. Mars is Lagnesh too. This aspect creates excitement, thrill and victory.

Shri Amit Shah is the president of BJP and he has Jupiter at zero degree Taurus. Sun and Moon both will join his natal Jupiter so he has also the time of success and joy on the day.

In view of the above two BJP charts analysis it is very clear that BJP will WIN this election.

But in the chart of shri Modi Sun is opposing his natal Mars which creates some tension too and in the chart of Amit Shah Sun will square his natal Saturn at 5 degree Aquarius. This also creates tension. Venus and Rahu in your Birth Chart

In conclusion, it seems from the above charts that BJP will sure come to power this time but may not get desired seats and after the result some alliance is must to come to power.

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