Asceticism/Sanyas/Sanyasi yoga in a Vedic Astrology

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Asceticism or Sanyas yoga in a horoscope

A sanyasi is a person who dedicates his entire life towards spiritual pursuits; he develops a state of dispassion and detachment from material life. He renounces all worldly thoughts and desires, and spends the rest of his life in spiritual contemplation.

Unique combination for sanyas- yoga:
  • More than four planets posited in a same house.
  • One of them is strong.
  • The strong planet should not be set.
  • The strong planet should not be defeated in house-war.
  • The defeated strong planet should not be aspected by any other planet.
  • One of the planets is being the lord of 10th house.
The type of sanyas, dependents on the strength of the significator planet present in the in the horoscope.
When there are four or more powerful planets combined in a house, the person born with such a combination will become any one of the 7 types of sanyasi depending on which of those planets forming the yoga is most powerful
  • Sun: as the significator of sanyas makes a person “Vanyasana” or a sanyasi who survives by eating roots and bulbs
  • Moon: produces “Vriddha” or “kapalik” [one who moves with human skull in hands]
  • Mars: makes a person “Sakya” the saffron clad sanyasi. Like Buddhist monk.
  • Jupiter: Jupiter gives birth to “Bhikshu” the ordinary sanyasi who survives by Bhiksha alone. The sanyasi is very learned and has knowledge of many sacred texts.
  • Venus: Venus produces “Charaka” or a sanyasi who travelled many places. He develops many psychic powers for material gains.
  • Mercury: Mercury produces “Aajivika” a sanyasi who is a very good orator and who earns live hood by snakes charming, mesmerism, hypnotism, he may be also a good tantric.
  • Saturn: the native may be “Nirgranth” or naked monk performing very difficult ritual and ceremonies to, please the God.
Source: geetahealing

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