Ashwini Nakshatra Characteristics Positives and Negatives

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Predict through panchanga (Using Nakshatra).

Kethu Nakshatra – Ashwini.

Ashwini Nakshatra characteristics: –

Ruling deity: Ashwini Kumaras

  1. They are called physicians of paradise, devaloka. They bring nectar to earth
  2. Doctor, uniform services, farmers, father’s profession, engineer etc.,
  3. Even if they give food to someone it will become lifesaving medicine.
  4. They will leave their entire ego only with their life partner.
  5. Infrared-kethu, Ultraviolet-Rahu.
  6. Rahu- materialistic and power
  7. Kethu- lust and spirituality
  8. It indicates leadership qualities
  9. It indicates small or short duration travel because horse cannot stand in one place, it always wants to travel
  10. Association with big shots
  11. Very fast and particular. it indicates readiness and physical fitness
  12. Known for having nutritious food
  13. Always wants to be working, do not like people who are lazy and not working
  14. Very practical persons
  15. Status is very important
  16. They want everyone under their control
  17. Planets in ashwini will give status during its Dasha bukthi
  18. During Chandra Dasha there can be separation if Chandra is in ashwini
  19. Venus in ashwini problems in sexual coordination
  20. Mars in ashwini generally promotes over sexual thoughts, needles to say other factors of chart influence.
  21. If ashwini gets married to poor family or unfit partner, their life gets ruined.

Ashwini Nakshatra Positives:

  1. Will see status to be friend
  2. Energetic in work
  3. Good physician’s spiritual
  4. Interested in short travel
  5. Administrative capabilities
  6. Criticize others face to face directly
  7. Concentration on physical workout and power
  8. Will not take loan or not like to give loan to any but donate 100 or 200 rs for needy.
  9. If it gets physically active partner life will be excellent
  10. However lonely, defeated will never give up
  11. Slightly ignorant and innocent, will get wisdom after 35 years
  12. If someone to support them they are happy and successful in doing work
  13. Like to wear new dresses and like perfumes

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Ashwini Nakshatra Negatives:

  1. Except life partner they will not be comfortable with anyone, will leave ego only with their partner.
  2. If someone doesn’t respect them they will start complaining about them
  3. Introvert
  4. They are very stingy
  5. Improvement only after 35 years
  6. Will not show love and affection outwardly
  7. Only if someone surrenders and begs then only they will help
  8. Even for small disease they will fear
  9. Will believe and trust only family members
  10. problems in marital life, most life partners may not like them

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Ashwini Nakshatra Salient features:

  1. Ruling deity – Ashwini kumaras
  2. Symbol- horse head
  3. Yoni- male horse
  4. Purushartha – dharma
  5. Direction – lateral/ surface
  6. Gana – deva Gana
  7. Rajju- Pada
  8. Nadi- vata

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