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Identify delay in Marriage | Vedic Astrology:

Desh, Kaal and Patra (Place, Time and Individual) are the very basic principles of Astrology; and, have a great say in determining the actual course of action in one’s life.   Therefore, besides the planetary disposition of your horoscope; the timing of marriage also depends upon self interest and inclination to get married.  No planet or its influence is going to hold your hand and get you married; but the best can be expected,  is the suitable opportunities and planetary support to get married within specific time frame.  During earlier times, when the social norms and culture used to have a significant influence and/or compulsion (to get married as early as possible) in the life of a common man, it was comparatively easier to identify and predict the marriage timing very precisely.  However, nowadays things have changed considerably; and, the social custom of getting married at an early age is being sidelined by self awareness, career and changed social scenario.  There are live-in relationships now and sometimes people deliberately chose to remain unmarried for considerable period of their youth due to several reasons.   And, such decisions/actions, sometimes, results in fruitlessness of the marriage yoga running during prime youth (when one is supposed to get married); and, later on (after expiry of the marriage yoga) when one actually decides to get married, it becomes quite difficult.

Some indication of this aspect too can be had with vedic horoscope of a person; and it is usually decided via first, second and seventh houses.  And, advance indication of any such issue, can help and assist in taking appropriate decisions at appropriate time.

During personal and practical experience of vedic astrology; the afflictions of malefic planets on seventh, second and first houses/lords has been observed to generate problems in marriage.  And, if the lord of eighth house or Saturn is also involved; this may result in inordinate delay or even denial of marriage. For the benefit of the reader and better understanding of this aspect; I would like to cite a few example charts.





In this vedic astrology horoscope; the placement of seventh house lord Mars is no issue, which is well placed in fifth house.  Mars is, however, having union with Ketu and receiving aspect from debilitated Jupiter (malefic lord of eighth house).  Lord of second house Mercury is also badly placed in eighth house.  Lagna lord Venus is well placed in ninth house along with the Sun; however, both these planets are also under inauspicious union with debilitated eighth lord Jupiter.  The first house of Lagna is also receiving aspect of eighth lord Jupiter.  Therefore, most of the relevant houses/planets are weak, afflicted and under influence of eighth lord Jupiter.   The Navamsha is Gemini (Mithuna) and Mercury is placed in seventh house, generating mild hopes for marriage.  The person did not married at all; however, he does have similar relationships equivalent to marriage.







In this vedic astrology horoscope; the Lagna lord Venus is having house exchange relationship with Mars, which rules over both second and seventh houses.  Venus also rules over eighth house and receiving aspect from Saturn and Jupiter.  For Libra Ascendant people, Saturn is a Yogakaraka planet, although, some influence of its basic nature (generating delay) will also be there.  The aspect of Jupiter (malefic lord of third and sixth houses)  on Lagna lord Venus (placed in second house) is further deteriorating the marriage prospects.  Mars (occupying first house) is aspected by Rahu (Saturn like planet occupying zodiac sign of Saturn).  Seventh house is under aspects of Ketu and Mars of which the aspect of Mars (on its own house) is supportive; while that of Ketu is not auspicious for marital prospects.   In her Navamsha Chart (Aries rising); Mars is occupying its own zodiac sign but joined by Jupiter in the eighth house. The Moon is in tenth house along with Venus and having mutual aspect relationship with Saturn placed in fourth house of Navamsha. The marriage was delayed and that too ended with divorce.





This is another Taurus Ascendant horoscope; and, as can be seen, the seventh house lord Mars is badly placed in eighth house.  Moon is occupying second house under mutual aspect relationship with Mars; and,  Saturn and eighth house lord Jupiter are also having their aspects on second house and Moon.  Lord of second house Mercury is united with Lagna lord Venus and debilitated Sun in sixth house; and, the trio is also under aspect of eighth lord Jupiter.  Both Venus and Mercury are combust too. Seventh house is under aspects from Saturn and Rahu.  In the Navamsha Chart; no planets are in seventh house; while, Mars is occupying its own zodiac sign in second house (Pisces Navamsha).    The multiple inauspicious influences on second and seventh houses and their lords (specifically that of eight lord Jupiter) resulted into denial of marriage.






This is a very interesting horoscope.  The Ascendant is Virgo and the same is occupied by the union of seventh lord Jupiter with Venus (lord of second and ninth houses); and both planets are having their aspect on seventh house.  Venus is, however, debilitated thus losing on its potency to generate smooth and strong results.   Ascendant lord Mercury is badly disposed in twelfth house and joined by the Sun and Mars (eighth house lord).   Saturn placed in third house is also having its aspect on the trio of Mercury, Sun and Mars.  Although, Saturn is a supportive and friendly planet for Virgo Ascendant people; however, the basic attributes of Saturn will still show their colors.  And, this is for every planet like even if Mars is an auspicious planet for some Ascendant like Cancer Ascendant; its basic nature of being sharp, aggressive and dominant will still be there upon the houses and planets under its influence.  Seventh house is also receiving aspect of Mars; and the second house is tenanted by Rahu.  In the Navamsha Chart (Aries rising); Mars is debilitated in fourth house (having aspect on seventh) and, Ketu is occupying the seventh house.  Saturn is in eighth house and aspecting the second house.  The native never married.  Venus or Jupiter’s mahadasas could have generated marriage; however, the Venus Mahadasa was over during early childhood (around 13 years of age); and, the native could not see Jupiter’s Mahadasa in his life.

Conclusively, the point is if one can have the horoscope analyzed in advance, he/she may have decide and plan the future accordingly.  Not everything is predestined in our lives; and, our thoughts, decisions and deeds do have a significant say to mould things as suitably as possible.  Generally speaking, getting married is comparatively much easier during prime youth as against after 32-35 years of age, when it becomes a matter of formality, custom, security and/or social obligation.


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