Astrological reasons for husband wife Fight

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In today’s materialistic and aware society, both husband and wife are educated and all are aware of their rights and duties. But when there is a lack of common sense or ideological differences, there is a distraction. Because of being educated, husband-wife fights in public and fight in bedroom only. Sometimes this quarrel lasts for a special time and sometimes it’s duration is spent with a lifetime of normal problems. From which the joy of married life almost ends even after marriage. Let’s discuss the astrological reasons for husband wife fight.

Astrological reasons for husband wife fight

Let’s know the main astrological reasons for bedroom quarrel.

Name qualities matching

The names of the bride and groom are matched before marriage. Which must have more than 18 innocent qualities. But if there is a fault in Milan, there are fights in the bedroom. These defects are as low as they are. Like Gan Dosh, Bhakut Dosh, Pulse Dosh, Bipolar Dosh are not considered superior in matching. It is often seen that if the effects of the above faults are normal, the possibility of quarrels in the bedroom between husband and wife increases.

Vedic Yogas

Mangal Dosh

Often in astrological experience, it has been seen that the couple who have mangal defects and their mangal dosh prevention from other planets, mainly in the Mars couple located in the twelve lagna, IV, as the main reason for the seventh place is for the happiness of sleep. It is also seen. Situated in the twelfth and fourth of Mangala, Mars affects the seventh place in its special view and the same situation is also seen in Lagnastha Mangal, because Lagnastha gives the quality of Mangal Jatak to adopt an arrogant, adiyal attitude. Mangal Dosh also plays a important astrological reasons for husband wife fight.

The situation of Venus

In astrology, Venus is considered to be a female happiness provider and according to the situation of Venus, the happiness from husband and wife is decided by expert astrologers. If Venus is of low or sixth, then there is a possibility of quarrel in the bedroom. On the twelfth of Venus, the wife lacks happiness. This yoga is specialized in the Aries lagna’s jatak and there is a quarrel in the bedroom.

Effect of planets at Saptamesh and Seventh place (due to bedroom fights)

  1. The general effect of one or two planets of Sun, Shani, Rahu, Ketu, and Mars at the seventh place.
    Effect on Saptamesh or Saptam after completing 2. Guru’s fault.
  2. Saptamesh to be in sixth, eighth or twelfth house.
  3. Sin is surrounded by seventh place from the planet.

Effect of sin planets on 5. Saptamesh.

Ashwin Rawal Articles

The effect of transit planets

Transit planet has its own importance in married happiness. All planets are in motion and zodiac changes and each zodiac sign makes its impact to be happy or sad. The most speedy moon changes the zodiac sign every two and a half days and the moon is the factor of the mind according to the Manso caste, the aquatic planet is also the factor of love. So in each zodiac sign it provides positive or negative impact like other planets. Its sixth, eighth and twelfth situation reduces love and obstacles sleep happiness.

The impact of every planet is positive on married life. Where it fills happiness, the negative rati destroys happiness.

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