Astrological yoga of success or struggle in business

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In today’s time, where most of the young people wish fo a job after doing a professional course for their career, many people are only interested in doing independent business. It is very much to make their career in some business. Se is people’s first choice but some people succeed in their business so many people don’t get success even if they struggle for a long time and invested money goes waste. In fact, a person gets success in business. Whether you will get it or not, it depends on some special planets-yoga made in our horoscope, so let us know which planet-yoga help in the horoscope to get success in business.

The tenth sense of our horoscope controls our livelihood or career. It depends on the level of the person’s livelihood. But when we see our livelihood also especially as business, here. The ′′ seventh and eleventh bhav ′′ of the horoscope has an important role. The seventh gesture of the horoscope is an independent business and the eleventh price is a factor of profit. So, especially in the career, only if you get success in business or not, the position of the seventh and eleventh bhav of the horoscope is the situation of the horoscope. Depends on.

For success in business, it is very important to have seventh and eleventh bhavs and their owners in good condition. In addition to this, the natural controller of business has been considered ′′ Mercury ′′ so it is very important to have the strength of Mercury in the horoscope for success in business and good business qualities.

So for success in business, seventh bhav, XI Bhav and Mercury are good for all three ingredients. It is necessary to be in the situation but the ingredient that is most important for success and good growth in business is the ′′ profit place ′′ of the horoscope means eleventh price because the return or benefit of the investment in the business can be given to us in good condition. This is the benefit of the place. And depends on the power of Labhesh, so a business man’s horoscope is the sacrifice of profit, place and profit, determines the success of the business.


Yoga of success in business

  1. If Saptamesh is in the seventh house or the seventh house, you have the vision of Saptamesh, then you get success in business.
  2. If the Saptamesh is in self or high zodiac, then there is good yoga of the business.
  3. If the profit is located in the place, then the business gets good success.
  4. If you have vision at the place of benefits, you get success in business.
  5. If Lapesh is in the tenth bhav and Dashmesh profit is in the place, then good business yoga is done.
  6. Dashmesh’s luck along with zodiac change also gives success in business.
  7. If the yoga of Dhanesh and Labesh is in auspicious place or the amount of Dhanesh and Labhesh is changing, then also the business will be successful.
  8. If a person has more than twelfth points in the eleventh price of a person’s horoscope, then there is a good yoga for business. The more points in the eleventh rate, the more the more the twelfth rate, the better benefit will be given.
  9. Saptamesh, even if the friend is located in auspicious feelings, then there is a chance to go to business.
  10. If the zodiac sign of Saptamesh and Dashmesh is changed, i.e. Saptamesh is in tenth bhav and Dashmesh is in seventh bhav, then also you get success in business.
  11. The zodiac change of Saptamesh and Lagnesh also gives success in the business.
  12. If Mercury is in self or high zodiac (Gemini, Virgo) in auspicious feelings, then it is a good yoga to go to business.
  13. Mercury, if the auspicious place is in the center. triangle and the seventh bhav, Saptamesh is in good condition, then also you get success in business.
  14. The benefit of the horoscope (eleventh rate) the more the sacrifice the more the business will grow.
  15. The amount change of Saptamesh and Labesh also gives good business yoga.

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Yoga of struggle in business

  1. If the owner of the eleventh bhav) is in sin bhav (6,8,12) then there is a situation of struggle in the business and the full benefit of the investment is not available.
  2. If the benefits are in your low amount, then the expected results are not found in the business.
  3. In the eleventh bhav of the horoscope, the form of any sin yoga (Eclipse Yoga, Guruchandal Yoga etc) also reduces success by creating struggle in business.
  4. Sapmesh’s sin in the horoscope or being in low amount also gives struggle in the field of business.
  5. If Mercury in the horoscope is in low zodiac (Pisces) or in sin, then there is no good success in the business due to the lack of development of good business qualities in the person and due to wrong decisions.
  6. Venus is the factor of getting money and return. If Venus is in extreme suffering condition in the horoscope, then the person cannot rise above the normal level in the business.

Therefore, the weakness of eleventh bhav, seventh bhav and Mercury in the horoscope is a hindrance to the success of the business. So, the place of benefit in the horoscope, the seventh bhav and Mercury, if they are in extreme suffering or weak condition, then the person should not go to the field of business or business. Wanted.

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Seventh Bhav of Special Horoscope and the condition of Saptamesh where success or struggle in business determines the same natural factor of business by giving the qualities of business in the Mercury person to ensure the success of the business, then there are benefits in the place of business. Decides the level of K.

So if all these components are in good condition in the horoscope, the person gets good success in the business and which object or field to be done, it depends on the strong planets of the person’s horoscope. The person should go to which field of business or what objects should do business depends on the planets of the person’s horoscope, so the right direction of the business is fixed only after the deep analysis of the person’s horoscope.

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