Astrology Rules of Horoscope Matching

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Today I am telling some experienced rules of horoscope matching, read carefully.

What should be seen in horoscope matching?

How should the horoscope be to get a good daughter-in-law?

  1. Don’t pay too much attention to qualities in horoscope matching. At least 12 qualities will do. Don’t take less than 12. Look at the planets matching instead of qualities
  2. Don’t pay too much attention to the pulse, even if there is a pulse, it will work. There is no problem
  3. Look at each other’s devotion and moon zodiac sign are not enemies. Such matching should be avoided like Aries and Virgo or Gemini and Scorpio are enemies.
  4. The eighth place of a boy’s horoscope should not be the attachment of a girl’s horocope The boy’s eighth place gets active. So after marriage there is a loss of luck.
  5. The 12th place of the boy’s horoscope should not be the attachment of the girl’s horosm. After marriage, the boy’s 12th position becomes activated.
  6. We have posted many different posts about Mars, read that. Even then, Mangal Dosh is always heavy in Gemini and Kanya marriage. Separation and Divorce in Vedic Astrology by Astrologykrs
  7. Mangal should be taken in front of Mars in the marriage of Mithun and Kanya. Saturn we can’t set up
  8. Mars of Libra in seventh place in Aries, Mars of high zodiac in seventh position in Cancer and Mars of Aries in 7th place in Libra marriage also gives very negative results. That is why you should take Mars in front of it in matching, not Saturn.
  9. During matching, if in the horoscope of the front in the 12th place is Surya Mangal or Surya Saturn or Surya Ketu or Mangal Shani or Mangal Ketu, such horoscope should be avoided because in the twelfth place such sins get divorced.
  10. Similarly, in the seventh place in the front horoscope, there is Sun Mangal or Sun Shani or Surya Rahu or Suryaketu or Mangal Shani, such horoscope should also be avoided.
  11. In the horoscope of a boy or a boy, the moon or the sun is in the same zodiac sign, there should not be Saturn in the front of the person. Assume that in a girl’s horoscope the moon or the sun is of Aquarius, then the boy should not have Saturn of the Aquarius in his horoscope.
  12. In the horoscope of both, Mars comes above each other’s Mars, Venus or Venus, then this matching will be very good for life-long attraction. Assume that thanks to Capricorn in the horoscope of a girl, then Capricorn’s Mars will be good matching in the horospope of the boy.
  13. The sun and moon of a boy or a girl are in the same zodiac sign is Rahu or Ketu, then that means there is a relation between these two of the previous birth. So that means such a match will be good too Chinese gender prediction chart
  14. The best matching is of Venus and Rahu Ketu. If Rahu or Ketu comes in the horoscope of one person, then there is a very good attraction of whole life. Like Venus is in Sagittarius in a boy’s horoscope, if Rahu or Ketu is in Sagitarius, then it will be called a good matching.
  15. Boy or girl’s horoscope sun comes above the horoscope or the sun comes above the moon, that is also a good matching.
  16. If the girl’s teacher is the luck place of a boy’s horoscope, the place of profit or the money place is in the same amount, then understand that the boy’s luck will rise after marriage with that girl. Believe that the boy is passionate about Capricorn, then if the girl’s horoscope has a virgo’s guru or a Scorpio’s guru, or aquarius’s guru then the boy’s luck will rise after marrying him.
  17. If the girl’s horoscope has the destiny place, or the profit place or the money place is the same attachment, then the steps of such girl are good for the boy. Meaning that his destiny or profit place or money place activates, when his arrival. If there is a boy with a Pisces, then a girl with Scorpio or a girl with Capricorn or aries will prove lucky for him.

As well as matching, if you want to see a girl for your client or for a boy in the family, remember the below things special. If possible, a girl with such yoga should be avoided.

Ashwin Rawal Articles

In a girl’s horoscope in twelfth place, Chandra Venus is with her or in sixth place, moon Venus is face to face and Guru is not related to the moon, such horoscope should be avoided. Moon Venus makes a girl cool. Hi fi life style lives on. There are high desires. Beautiful but family is not lover.

  • If Sun and Saturn are together in the same degree or face to face on the same degree, then that girl is going to argue a lot. Service is feeling but anger is also very much. Mother-in-law lives in daughter-in-law.
  • Moon and Saturn are closely together or partially face to face and Kirk Singh or Pisces Lagan then depression comes quickly. She keeps thinking very negative. There are some or the other problems regarding health. Remedies / Pariharas for Manglik Dosha – Vedic Astrology Lessons
  • In the horoscope of a girl in 12th position, Libra’s Mangal, Rahu or Surya Mangal, then there is full chance of divorce or separation.
  • If Guru and Ketu are sitting together in the same degree in a girl’s horoscope, then that yoga also does not give so much happiness to husband.
  • In the horoscope of a girl, if the seventh place is in the sin kartari yoga means in the sixth and eighth place, then that is also a bad yoga for married life.
  • If Chandra Mangal Venus is sitting together in the girl’s horoscope, then also think a little. They do not get divorced like this but think of separating from mother-in-law and father-in-law after marriage. A family lover boy should avoid such horoscope. Compare your partner signs online with Zodiac Compatibility chart

Guru is generous and family lover planet. Gives manners in a girl. If there is a Guru in attachment or a Guru’s vision above it and there is no negative planet mentioned above, then it should be given the first choice. Whether it is a Guru with the Moon or a Guru’s vision over the Moon or Gaj Kesari Yoga, a girl has good manners. She keeps the family together.

Vedic Yogas

After seeing thousands of horoscope, I have researched all these rules that I am sharing with you guys. Not necessarily all the rules I wrote are 100% correct. But in most horoscope what I have seen, experienced is what I am telling. Family culture also has a different importance, so there may be some exceptions in the negative yoga discussions. Separation and Divorce in Vedic Astrology

In today’s era, there are many problems in married life, so the importance of horoscope matching has increased. If you remember all the rules mentioned above, then there will be a lot of convenience in matching horoscope. 36 out of 36 qualities no guarantee of marriage success.

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