Weekly Horoscope
Dhanus Weekly Horoscope
Sunday,04 December 2022 to Saturday,10 December 2022
Sunday,04 December 2022 to Saturday,10 December 2022
A leisure trip to an amusement park or some such place will bring teachers close to their students.
Accountants are advised to seek expert advise before wrapping up their current project. Else there might be problems which would surface later.
Diabetics and those suffering from high BP are advised caution, medication and suitable diet.
You might have to suffer from pains like headache or toothache today.
Those who are single might face a tense day today. A marriage proposal they might have liked may not find favor with their parents.
Those who are single might meet someone interesting today. But they are advised to be sure of what their heart needs before making any commitments.
Those in the technical field might have a messy day as they might have a misunderstanding with a senior official.
Those seeking an employment opportunity might meet someone influential today. They need to ensure that they make a good impression.
Connections with top officials or high ranking citizens of the society will help real estate agents in their business deals today.