Weekly Horoscope
Dhanus Weekly Horoscope
Sunday,26 June 2022 to Saturday,02 July 2022
Sunday,26 June 2022 to Saturday,02 July 2022
Senior members of the party might not think too highly of the politicians who have been putting in all their efforts to be successful.
Blind faith on your partners may bring some unnecessary financial loss. Trust your partners but don't leave everything to them. Be aware of what they are up to always.
Medical professionals who desire to start their own hospital or dispensary will start working towards it today. The would start the process of building one.
Accountants may make minor errors in keeping accounts if they are not very careful. This might harm their reputation very badly.
Take all precautions today if you have to go on a trip that can't be cancelled.
A nice drive with family, friends or relatives is predicted for today.
Artists may receive a massive project and they are advised to take it bit by bit.
Those businessmen who are in the food industry may start a new venture or acquire a new concern. This will greatly increase their value in the market.