Weekly Horoscope
Kanya Weekly Horoscope
Sunday,26 June 2022 to Saturday,02 July 2022
Sunday,26 June 2022 to Saturday,02 July 2022
A leisure trip to an amusement park or some such place will bring teachers close to their students.
Those in the real estate business will have a routine day of work today.
Medical professionals need to absolutely relax and take a day off and go out with the family. They need some mental peace and relief from stress.
You need to be careful while taking any medicines today. You might be allergic to some medicine.
Children might look up to their parents for some support.
Those who are seeking a job need not hesitate to ask help or advise from others if required.
Unexpected problems in the family might keep you from meeting your beloved today.
Those running a hotel or a bakery may have to face unexpected losses today.
Those in the real estate business, especially agents may sign new partnership deals today. This will surely be very profitable in the near future.