Weekly Horoscope
Karkata Weekly Horoscope
Sunday,24 September 2023 to Saturday,30 September 2023
Sunday,24 September 2023 to Saturday,30 September 2023
Senior members of the party might not think too highly of the politicians who have been putting in all their efforts to be successful.
You will be powerhouse of energy today. You will feel very healthy too.
You need to be careful while taking any medicines today. You might be allergic to some medicine.
Senior advocates might be selected to chair respectful positions within the judiciary by officials.
Software professionals may see their efforts to finish a project through teamwork going to waste.
Children might look up to their parents for some support.
Those who are seeking a job need not hesitate to ask help or advise from others if required.
Unexpected financial assistance will come to businessmen. This would help them greatly in increasing their production or expanding their business.