Weekly Horoscope
Karkata Weekly Horoscope
Sunday,04 December 2022 to Saturday,10 December 2022
Sunday,04 December 2022 to Saturday,10 December 2022
You are advised caution while making any money transactions today. There are possibilities of you being cheated or robbed.
Those in the real estate business will have a routine day of work today.
Advocates who win their cases today will be appreciated very much by their clients. They might offer gifts over and above the fee.
Those who are single but in a relationship might feel happier, in control and ready to salvage a broken relationship with their lover.
Those in the political field might not feel they were up to challenge others when their own personal needs are not counted.
Unexpected issues would distract accountants today which would make them lag in work.

Share market investors and brokers might find meetings with important people turning out to be very beneficial.
A favorable day predicted for those in the real estate business. Ongoing deals may be finalised and closed. New property deals may be made.