Weekly Horoscope
Kumbha Weekly Horoscope
Sunday,26 June 2022 to Saturday,02 July 2022
Sunday,26 June 2022 to Saturday,02 July 2022
Patients suffering from prolonged illness and bedridden for some time now may soon recover with medicines and care.
Sportsmen may not enjoy a favorable day today. They might not be able to perform to their fan's expectations.
Teachers may have a surprise awaiting them today. It might either be a promotion of a salary hike.
Accountants might have an exhausting day today. They might have to deal more with the problems between their subordinates than their work.
Businessmen planning a new venture may finally start it today. Or they may take the final steps towards this goal.
A favorable day for those in the real estate business. Agents, brokers and builders may go ahead with any new property contract. Auspicious day to sign new deals.
Politicians should be very careful today of their speech. Their words might be misinterpreted and misrepresented. Ensure that things are cleared at the earliest in such a case.
Doctors may have to take on other responsibilities as well along with their current job.
Those in the real estate business, especially agents may sign new partnership deals today. This will surely be very profitable in the near future.