Weekly Horoscope
Makara Weekly Horoscope
Sunday,26 June 2022 to Saturday,02 July 2022
Sunday,26 June 2022 to Saturday,02 July 2022
People affected with serious disease may have a painful day. It will take all their willpower to heal themselves.
Real estate agents can expect a very busy day today. There will be numerous calls, clients coming in and deals to be finalised.
Artists may today find themselves ailing from some physical ailment or other. This would keep them away from work.
You might gain a financial partner today who will suggest very practical but very profitable ideas. You do stand to gain through this person.
Teachers who are coaching students for their examinations and other activities will be well appreciated for their efforts.
You will have an exciting social life today.

A tight control on finances will help maintain financial stability.
Today will be a very busy day for businessmen and industrialists. Apart from already scheduled meetings they may even have an unexpected business meeting with a foreign delegation.