Weekly Horoscope
Mesha Weekly Horoscope
Sunday,24 September 2023 to Saturday,30 September 2023
Sunday,24 September 2023 to Saturday,30 September 2023
Unexpected hitches might come up today which would delay the beginning of new assignments for those who are in the field of technology.
Those in the real estate business will overcome all hurdles and go ahead with their work as scheduled.
A sudden illness to an elderly person in the family might force you to postpone a family outing today.
Married couple will experience a new ease between them. Small gifts given with loving words would bring back the romance in marriage.
Elders in the family would feel very energetic today. They would interact with other members also happily.
Legal case, if any, in the court would today take a positive turn for you. A witness or a document or your lawyer will change the course of the case in your favor.
A sudden illness to a family member may incur new expenses. This would be a strain on your financial resources.
Those seeking a job would be presented with new employment opportunities. They should make the most of these opportunities.
Businessmen planning a new venture may finally start it today. Or they may take the final steps towards this goal.