Weekly Horoscope
Mesha Weekly Horoscope
Sunday,23 January 2022 to Saturday,29 January 2022
Sunday,23 January 2022 to Saturday,29 January 2022
A leisure trip to an amusement park or some such place will bring teachers close to their students.
Diabetics and those suffering from high BP are advised caution, medication and suitable diet.
Accountant can enjoy a booming career today. They might take up new assignments from reputed firms which would greatly boost their career.
Those who are married may expect some major developments at home which would work out in their favor.
You might have to suffer from pains like headache or toothache today.
A favorable day is predicted for those in the teaching profession.
Those in the technical field might have a messy day as they might have a misunderstanding with a senior official.
Today you should look after your health. Also advisable to go for your regular health check up.
Businessmen and industrialists may expect proposals coming their way looking for new tie-ups or partnerships. These might even turn out very profitable.