Weekly Horoscope
Mesha Weekly Horoscope
Sunday,04 December 2022 to Saturday,10 December 2022
Sunday,04 December 2022 to Saturday,10 December 2022
Students are advised caution while talking with friends or classmates. There are chances of misunderstanding coming up.
Romance will make you happy today but it might also be heavy on your wallet as you might have to spend money in entertaining.
Those who are married are advised to keep their emotions in check today. Emotional outbursts may worsen situations and they might have to regret it later.
Parents will be proud of their children who would dedicatedly spend their time studying.
Teachers will today earn the praise of colleagues, administrators and department heads for the progress they have made. They might even gain a promotion.
Those who are single might meet someone interesting today. But they are advised to be sure of what their heart needs before making any commitments.
You will be able to tackle all problems easily. There would be a steady flow of visitors to your home today some of whom might have come to seek your advice.
Real estate agents may expect to benefit from their interactions with top officials. They could prove to be valuable resources for the agents.