Weekly Horoscope
Simha Weekly Horoscope
Sunday,24 September 2023 to Saturday,30 September 2023
Sunday,24 September 2023 to Saturday,30 September 2023
Those who are unemployed might get a call letter from co-operative organisations wishing to hire.
Artists need to adjust to all sorts of comments made by people viewing their work. They are advised not to get irritated by adverse comments on their work.
Students appearing for their exams are advised to work hard and to constantly keep revising their studies.
Real estate agents will face a dull day today in business. They will also feel mentally detached from their work.
Married couples are advised to take the opinions of other family members before they go ahead and take any important decision regarding the family.
Teachers will today earn the praise of colleagues, administrators and department heads for the progress they have made. They might even gain a promotion.
A group of explorers might invite you to join their travel. This would be a dream come true. You have always desired to gain knowledge through travel.
Businessmen planning a new venture may finally start it today. Or they may take the final steps towards this goal.