Weekly Horoscope
Simha Weekly Horoscope
Sunday,19 March 2023 to Saturday,25 March 2023
Sunday,19 March 2023 to Saturday,25 March 2023
For those who are married, today's family life would be very peaceful. Children and elders would all put in their contribution to make this an easeful day.
Minor problems may crop up in the family that will force you to cancel an outing you had planned with the family today.
Medical professionals need to absolutely relax and take a day off and go out with the family. They need some mental peace and relief from stress.
A difficult day ahead for students who are studying technical subjects or medicine. They need to have a peaceful environment in order to be able to study.
Accountants will be burdened under the amount of work they would be sieged with today.
A favorable time for students desiring to pursue higher studies.
Those unemployed might profit from investments made in business.
Parents of those who are single might not allow them to go out of party today.
Real estate agents planning to shift to their new house may have to face infinite delays. They might even have to postpone it indefinitely.